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The city of Zumbrota will NOT be responsible for water services that freeze after February 26th. In order to prevent service freeze-up, every Zumbrota water customer is urged to take the temperature of their water and continue monitoring it for the next TWO MONTHS. If your water temperature gets below 40 degrees, you should immediately start running […]

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How to Choose A Sediment Filter

by Jamin Arvig on February 26, 2014

In this third installment of How to Choose a Water Filter, we’ll wrap up the sediment filter category.


In part one of this ten part series we identified some broad categories of water. This installment will deal with sediment filters.


Better Know A Water Filter: Instapure Faucet Filters

by Jamin Arvig on February 6, 2014

Instapure, one of the leading brands of faucet filter available today, has its home nestled among clear mountain streams at the foothills of the Rockies in Loveland, Colorado. Their core commitment is providing customers with a variety of affordable water filtration choices to meet their specific needs.  Even better, they understand that water purification is […]


Ceramic Water Filters: What To Know Before You Buy

by Jamin Arvig on January 2, 2014

WaterFilters.NET has grown into the online consumer’s first choice in water filters and filtration systems.  I am proud of this accomplishment, in no small part, as it reflects the level of knowledge that our team has amassed and is able to share with you as you make your water filter choices.  Believe me, there are […]


Although we are all asked, only a select few of us choose to serve. Today is Veteran’s Day in America, a day where we recognize the contributions of those few brave enough to make a life and death decision by answering the call to serve. As with any other Veteran’s Day, you’ll see a lot […]


Your Water Filters Purchases Have Helped To Save Lives

by Jamin Arvig on September 18, 2013

Our water filters company walks the walk when it comes to bringing clean water to the world.  Today, I want to show you exactly what that means – and show how you have helped. Whenever you purchase water filters or filtration systems from our company, a portion of the profits will go directly towards a […]

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How Much Less Does Filtered Water Cost Than Bottled Water?

by Jamin Arvig on September 17, 2013

It is a fact that bottled water costs more per gallon than gas, yet rarely do people complain about the price of bottled water. Where is the disconnect??


You are about to enter a new season.  At least most of you probably are, as you’ve landed on a post about changing your water filters, and most of you that change your water filters regularly adhere to a semi-seasonal routine. What’s great about the semi-seasonal routine of changing your water filters is that it’s […]