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If you are like us, you are back in full work mode after a relaxing Christmas break spent with your closest friends and relatives.  If you are really like us, your Christmas break may have even been extended by a now infamous ‘polar vortex.’ While we got plenty of holiday fun and relaxation in, we […]

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In early November of this year, Typhoon Haiyan roared through the southern portions of the Philippines, killing nearly 7,000 people.  Despite the ongoing pleas for help and supplies, not the least of which entails food and clean drinking water, the story of Haiyan relief seems to have fallen out of the minds of many Americans. […]


In Africa, 345 million lack access to clean drinking water.  The true cause is less one of resources, though that certainly is an issue, but one of distribution.  Quite simply, the drinking water that is available throughout the continent is not being properly distributed to those that need it most. Issues with drinking water distribution […]

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In 2007, I traveled to the Philippines where I served as best man in a college friend’s wedding.  I’m one of the four in the picture to the left – I’ll let you guess which. I remember that what made me most nervous about the entire experience was not leaving North America for the first […]


Your Water Filters Purchases Help Create Jobs

by Jamin Arvig on October 28, 2013

Late last week, WaterFilters.NET – a company I founded with my family ten years ago while I was still in college – was awarded a Hire Power Award from Inc.com.  With this award, we have been officially recognized as a top job creator in our home state of Minnesota. Over the years, our company has […]

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Your Water Filters Purchases Have Helped To Save Lives

by Jamin Arvig on September 18, 2013

Our water filters company walks the walk when it comes to bringing clean water to the world.  Today, I want to show you exactly what that means – and show how you have helped. Whenever you purchase water filters or filtration systems from our company, a portion of the profits will go directly towards a […]

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5 Water Charity Ideas That Inspire Action

by Jamin Arvig on August 27, 2013

A significant portion of our yearly profit is donated to one or more of the water charity causes we support.  And every post on this blog, whether touting the virtues of a good shower filter or helping you select home brew filtration equipment, is meant to make you think more about how water impacts every […]