Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated its rules regarding surface water treatment. Now, it’s going after different pathogens, like Giarda and Cryptosporidium, more aggressively.  These two microbes have been known to cause severe illness and sometimes death  and they are extremely resistant to chlorine based disinfection processes. The EPA is now recommending treating threatened water with […]

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The Truth about Tap Water

by wfnblog on December 27, 2012

It seems that no matter how hard municipalities work, people still spend tons of money on bottled water. The cost of bottled water is anywhere from 750- 2700 times more expensive than tap water, but chemically, it is no different than what usually comes from your faucet. In addition to bottled water being significantly more […]


Commercial Water Filters

by wfnblog on December 13, 2012

Do you ever wonder how restaurants usually have great water? They usually have a great filtration system! WaterFilters.Net offers a wide variety of commercial water filter systems to suit the needs of many different types of businesses.   Did you know that most offices also have filtration systems for their break rooms? Commercial water filtration […]


What Is Black Ice and How Do I Avoid It?

by wfnblog on February 5, 2010

For those who frequently drive in climates where snow and ice are common, the phenomenon of black ice is a constant threat. Even though the road before you may look dry and clear, the danger of an ice pack forming on it should give all drivers concern. Basically, black ice is water that freezes to […]


Preventing Ice Dams

by wfnblog on February 2, 2010

If you live anywhere in the northern United States or in Canada, you are familiar with the term ice dam. Most people living in the warmer climates of Florida, Arizona or California have no doubt never heard of the term—or have any idea what it means. But for those of us fortunate to live in […]


Discounts available for Facebook Fans!

by wfnblog on January 4, 2010

We’re branching out to Facebook and have a special discount code available for Fans of our Facebook Page. All you need to do is become a fan and you’ll get a discount code. Thanks!