Boil Water Advisory

Starting this week, our customers in the West Virginia area will be shipped a free refrigerator water filter from Tier1, courtesy of our store. Today, Minnesota State Representative Steve Drazkowski (R) and Minnesota State Senator Matt Schmit (D) visited our Zumbrota, MN warehouse to watch as some of the first packages of water filters […]

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Above are two of the rightfully angry questions being asked by West Virginia residents this week that are living through an unprecedented water contamination incident.  The most common questions being, of course, ‘when can I drink my tap water again?’ and ‘whose fault is this?’ Without speculating on blame, or unfortunately, when your tap water […]


I’ve worked in the water filters and filtration business for more than ten years.  When first launching WaterFilters.NET, our goal was never to self-define ourselves as ‘industry leading.’  At the end of the day, those are just boilerplate words.  Our goal was, and still is, to become the go-to source providing clean drinking water and […]