Beer & Home Brewing

I’ve been a home brewer for going on seven years.  That’s my wife and I (and the back end of our dog) to the left. In that time, I’ve spoken with dozens of other home brewers about controlling what we can control, from external temperature (see photo), to fermentation temperature to airtight hop storage.  So […]


If you are like us, you are back in full work mode after a relaxing Christmas break spent with your closest friends and relatives.  If you are really like us, your Christmas break may have even been extended by a now infamous ‘polar vortex.’ While we got plenty of holiday fun and relaxation in, we […]

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Good home brew requires good, clean water.  So what about great home brew? I’ve posted before about the crossroads most home brewers will find themselves at – deciding whether or not it’s the right time to incorporate water filtration equipment into their home brewing set-up. If you are looking for an extremely special gift for […]


Water usage is not just a subject near and dear to the heart of the average brewery, it is the heart itself.  And as more of us become home or craft brewers, adhering to sustainable water usage practices will be absolutely critical. This month, craft beer magazine The Growler published its water issue, sharing how […]

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