world water day

Tomorrow marks another World Water Day, a day of action by world leaders and the general public on behalf of the millions throughout the world without clean drinking water. Established in 1993, World Water Day initiatives have exploded in the past several years, supported and amplified in large part by social media.  [In fact, if […]

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With the recent drinking water crises, including the MCHM spill in West Virginia and E. Coli contamination in New York, it can be easy to forget that situations just as tragic continue to be common throughout much of the world.  One part of the world that has been suffering through a clean water crisis is […]


March 22nd is World Water Day, a day set apart to raise much-needed attention to the essential human need for accessible, clean water. World Water Day is a time for advocacy concerning our most vital resource: water. The global reach of the day is a reminder that our freshwater resources can only be sustained through […]


To give our readers a break from the How to Choose a Water Filter series, we interrupt to announce the Water Filters-Nothin’ but-NET NCAA bracket challenge.


Get informed on World Water Day 2010

by wfnblog on March 22, 2010

Today is World Water Day; a day to bring attention to the big challenges we face in ensuring that the people of the world have the safe water they need to live. Here are some of the great online resources available to get informed and involved. The documentary film “Tapped” is celebrating World Water Week […]


World Water Day 2010 is March 22

by wfnblog on March 15, 2010

In 1993 the United Nations General Assembly designated March 22 as the annual World Water Day. Every year World Water Day focuses on a particular aspect of water issues and management, with this year’s theme being Water Quality. 500 million people on our planet have no access to safe drinking water. Waterborne diseases are responsible […]