whole house water filters

If you are like us, you are back in full work mode after a relaxing Christmas break spent with your closest friends and relatives.  If you are really like us, your Christmas break may have even been extended by a now infamous ‘polar vortex.’ While we got plenty of holiday fun and relaxation in, we […]

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Halloween changes things.  What would ordinarily be the house settling, the wind blowing or the loose screen door flapping suddenly transforms into all manners of evil trying to infiltrate your home. As scary as the forces outside your home can be, there are evil beasties more terrifying than Freddy, Jason and Leatherface combined.  And if […]


Bottled water facts: as of 2009, there was one person at the FDA overseeing the entire bottled water industry.  An industry worth billions of dollars. And overseeing bottled water was only one of her many duties.  Billions of barrels of oil are needed to transport bottled water.  And most bottled water differs very little from […]

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