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How to Choose A Sediment Filter

by Jamin Arvig on February 26, 2014

In this third installment of How to Choose a Water Filter, we’ll wrap up the sediment filter category.


In part one of this ten part series we identified some broad categories of water. This installment will deal with sediment filters.


Above are two of the rightfully angry questions being asked by West Virginia residents this week that are living through an unprecedented water contamination incident.  The most common questions being, of course, ‘when can I drink my tap water again?’ and ‘whose fault is this?’ Without speculating on blame, or unfortunately, when your tap water […]


Solving the global water shortage crisis will require good ideas from all directions.  We’ve helped to support this need with our recent Future of Water scholarship, awarding $500 for a solution proposed by Duke University student Mona Dai.  In response to the solution provided by Dai and our first and second runners-up, we received the […]


Clean water and ice feels like such a given that it is probably not your first thought when it comes to the taste of your cocktail.  This is especially true if you prefer your cocktail straight up, sans a splash of water and definitely sans rocks. But whether your drink of choice is a mojito […]


How to Choose a Water Filter Part 1 of 10

by wfnblog on February 21, 2011

With thousands of water filter products on the market choosing the right water filter for your situation may seem a daunting task.


Water Filter: Standard Size vs. Quick Change

by wfnblog on February 8, 2011

This article will explain the difference between standard size water filters and quick change water filters, as well as the positives and negatives of each.


Overview of a whole house water filter system

by wfnblog on January 6, 2010

This Water Wisdom video features Aquaman explaining the various components of a whole house water filtration system. Getting clean, pure water to every faucet in your house makes life easy! And its not as complex or expensive as you may think.

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