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The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook “Because the average person doesn’t understand fracking, environmentalists are able to put ideas into people’s heads,” says Marita Noon, Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great, Inc. In the video above, The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi adds some much needed […]


I’ve been a home brewer for going on seven years.  That’s my wife and I (and the back end of our dog) to the left. In that time, I’ve spoken with dozens of other home brewers about controlling what we can control, from external temperature (see photo), to fermentation temperature to airtight hop storage.  So […]


3 Steps To Keep Your Cabin’s Drinking Water Drinkable

by Tyler Ringeisen on March 13, 2014

Cabin getaways are those times where you can spend all day asking yourself truly important questions like, “how many fish will I catch today?” or “doesn’t this flower smell good?”  But unfortunately, more stressful questions can seep into our minds like “why does my water smell funny?” or “is my cabin’s drinking water OK to […]


Good home brew requires good, clean water.  So what about great home brew? I’ve posted before about the crossroads most home brewers will find themselves at – deciding whether or not it’s the right time to incorporate water filtration equipment into their home brewing set-up. If you are looking for an extremely special gift for […]


It’s been an interesting week to say the least. Black Friday and Cyber Monday gave way to massive surges of cold air rushing through the country, including in our own home base of Zumbrota, MN.  For me personally, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales extravaganza we held at WaterFilters.NET gave way to my family […]


Halloween changes things.  What would ordinarily be the house settling, the wind blowing or the loose screen door flapping suddenly transforms into all manners of evil trying to infiltrate your home. As scary as the forces outside your home can be, there are evil beasties more terrifying than Freddy, Jason and Leatherface combined.  And if […]


If we’re thinking about Christmas in October, as Hallmark and Macy’s insist that we do, we need to be thinking about gifts to get those that are most special to us.  Like our dogs. I get a lot of comments regarding how much my wife and I spoil our dog Clark (AKA Clark The Clean […]


How A Good Shower Filter Keeps Away The Bad & Ugly

by Tara Molloy on August 12, 2013

I need my shower.  Whether it’s for just a few minutes of relaxation or a hydrating refresh after a hard core workout, I don’t think I’m alone in saying it helps to provide me with just enough peace and balance. So when I take a shower, the last thing I want to be wondering about […]

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Chemical in Weed Killer Has Some Worried

by wfnblog on May 6, 2010

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune highlights the danger of chemicals found in weed killer. The specific chemical cited in the article, atrazine, is an agricultural weed killer that is used heavily in the Midwest, according to the Tribune.


With flood waters ravaging parts of the Upper Midwest, homeowners are being warned about possible contamination of private water wells. WCCO reported that “Minnesota health officials are warning that contaminated private water wells will be a major concern during flooding predicted in the Red River Valley and surrounding areas” (www.wcco.com/local/well.contamination.flooding.2.966450.html). In addition, WCCO also spoke […]