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Within this blog, we shy away from any inflammatory discussions involving politics.  If the efforts we make to help provide clean drinking water and education blend over into politics, we try to focus more on the power of bipartisanship.  So the video above from Delaware Governor Jack Markell (D) should not be seen as an […]


Vine, a social app from Twitter where anyone can quickly shoot and share a six second video of themselves, can be a funny thing to master.  Oftentimes these short videos resemble little more than live action versions of the Tweets you try desperately to ignore. There are notable exceptions, of course.  charity: water published a […]


Today, marks the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM.)  As noted on the NBCAM website, there have been great strides in both breast cancer awareness and treatment over the last twenty-five years. But as anyone that is or knows a breast cancer survivor can attest (full disclosure: I would fall into that latter […]