Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated its rules regarding surface water treatment. Now, it’s going after different pathogens, like Giarda and Cryptosporidium, more aggressively.  These two microbes have been known to cause severe illness and sometimes death  and they are extremely resistant to chlorine based disinfection processes. The EPA is now recommending treating threatened water with […]

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Water Efficient Tips for Summers Lawns

by wfnblog on April 29, 2010

While spring has sprung in many parts of the country, the new season brings with it a host of concerns when it comes to the efficient and cost-effective use of water. Each year, millions of Americans waste precious water through wasteful and ineffective use. However, there are a variety of tips and suggestions available that […]


Wishing Well Charity Fundraiser

by wfnblog on March 30, 2010

WaterFilters.NET is pleased to announce the launch of our Wishing Well charity fundraiser. We are sponsoring a mycharitywater.org campaign to raise $5,000 in 90 days to build a community water well for a village in a developing nation. The non-profit charity: water has a remarkable story and mission.They collect donations and put resources into action […]


Why Soft Water?

by wfnblog on February 5, 2009

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, hardness in your water “is caused by compounds of calcium and magnesium, and by a variety of other metals” (http://water.usgs.gov/owq/hardness-alkalinity.html). Water that has an excess of these compounds is considered hard; water with less of these compounds is considered soft (or softer). With softer water comes many advantages, including: […]