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If its football pre-season, we can depend on conversations becoming arguments, as we begin to analyze every last move of our favorite teams and players.  In Texas, these conversations take on a whole new life as they seemingly happen at every field, at every level, and with players of every age.  While we love to […]


I love eBay. Why wouldn’t I? With eBay, you can find nearly anything in the world you could ever possibly want – from rare bluegrass records to the vintage kids toys you used to play with that your kids just need to have. (Rubik’s Cubes count as vintage now, right?) But just because I love […]

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Many of us are increasingly unsettled about the potential harm of a growing number of contaminants in tap water, especially those which adversely impact human health. Since the 1970s, sampling for water pollutants has markedly increased. Now hundreds of manufactured chemicals have been found in the groundwater and various other drinking water sources. Chemical contamination […]


Residents in some parts of the U.S. are becoming increasingly concerned about a relatively new process that is used to help extract natural gas from the earth.


EPA Calls for New Drinking Water Strategies

by wfnblog on March 30, 2010

With more people living in the country each day and local, state and national budgets strained to their breaking point, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that they are developing new “strategies to strengthen public health protection from contaminants in drinking water,” according to a press release from the group. Part of the strategy […]