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Bottled water facts: as of 2009, there was one person at the FDA overseeing the entire bottled water industry.  An industry worth billions of dollars. And overseeing bottled water was only one of her many duties.  Billions of barrels of oil are needed to transport bottled water.  And most bottled water differs very little from […]

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Water shortages worldwide mean that almost one billion lack access to clean drinking water.  “Water is going to be this century’s oil,” says Hessy Taft, narrator of video above. “We really need to do something. Business as usual cannot continue. We need to try to find solutions.” Published this week by Bytesize Science, the video […]

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Check out the great video above, published earlier this week, featuring dancers uniting for clean drinking water throughout the world.  This represents another great example of how all of us can combine the skills we have – with just a bit of technology – to help bring clean drinking water to those in need. The […]