Water filtration

I’ve been a home brewer for going on seven years.  That’s my wife and I (and the back end of our dog) to the left. In that time, I’ve spoken with dozens of other home brewers about controlling what we can control, from external temperature (see photo), to fermentation temperature to airtight hop storage.  So […]


Tomorrow marks another World Water Day, a day of action by world leaders and the general public on behalf of the millions throughout the world without clean drinking water. Established in 1993, World Water Day initiatives have exploded in the past several years, supported and amplified in large part by social media.  [In fact, if […]

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“In sub-Saharan Africa, it’s estimated that more than a billion people lack clean water to drink, causing illnesses that ripple through the African continent.” Water shortages in Africa, unfortunately, are not anything new.  But with a tragedy of this scale come several silver linings as companies and organizations partner to do the work or create […]


Within this blog, we shy away from any inflammatory discussions involving politics.  If the efforts we make to help provide clean drinking water and education blend over into politics, we try to focus more on the power of bipartisanship.  So the video above from Delaware Governor Jack Markell (D) should not be seen as an […]


Good home brew requires good, clean water.  So what about great home brew? I’ve posted before about the crossroads most home brewers will find themselves at – deciding whether or not it’s the right time to incorporate water filtration equipment into their home brewing set-up. If you are looking for an extremely special gift for […]


The Truth about Tap Water

by wfnblog on December 27, 2012

It seems that no matter how hard municipalities work, people still spend tons of money on bottled water. The cost of bottled water is anywhere from 750- 2700 times more expensive than tap water, but chemically, it is no different than what usually comes from your faucet. In addition to bottled water being significantly more […]


What’s A Pollutant?

by wfnblog on December 18, 2012

The word “pollutant” is common when discussing water filtration. Customers frequently want pollutants removed from their water for drinking, showering, and watering their plants. However, pollutants has become a catch-all word used to describe a complex situation. Water pollution or pollutants are terms used when undesirable elements, chemicals, sediment, and items show up at high […]

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No Clear Solution for Dirty Water

by wfnblog on December 6, 2012

When looking at lush landscapes filled with orchards and dairy farms, you may never imagine the tap water is undrinkable. Unfortunately, the people of Seville and Tooleville, California live with this every day.   Those lush orchards and dairy farms cause many of the drinking water problems in the area. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and animal […]

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Can I remove fluoride from my tap water?

by wfnblog on March 8, 2010

We get this question regularly: Is there a water filtration system that removes fluoride from my municipal water? You might not know that fluoride is naturally occurring in soil and rocks, so most water has some fluoride in it. Through fluoridation many municipalities add additional fluoride to their water supply to help prevent tooth decay. […]

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With flood waters ravaging parts of the Upper Midwest, homeowners are being warned about possible contamination of private water wells. WCCO reported that “Minnesota health officials are warning that contaminated private water wells will be a major concern during flooding predicted in the Red River Valley and surrounding areas” (www.wcco.com/local/well.contamination.flooding.2.966450.html). In addition, WCCO also spoke […]