sediment water filter

[Late last month, we probably bummed a fair number of you out by reminding you that Back To School season is just around the corner. While true, there’s still plenty of time left to get in one last excursion into the Great Outdoors before classes start.  We encourage you to get out there, and of […]

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In part one of this ten part series we identified some broad categories of water. This installment will deal with sediment filters.


Water filters are about more than purifying what you drink, what you bathe in or what you pour from your faucet.  The water filtration process is about more than just purifying water, in fact. Users of well water know this all too well, as they commonly face a daily battle against everything from sulfur smells […]


Solving the global water shortage crisis will require good ideas from all directions.  We’ve helped to support this need with our recent Future of Water scholarship, awarding $500 for a solution proposed by Duke University student Mona Dai.  In response to the solution provided by Dai and our first and second runners-up, we received the […]