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California’s unprecedented drought conditions generated two stories last week, each illustrating a different extreme when it comes to conserving the area’s water. First up, in the video above, CBS Local out of San Francisco shares more on the efforts of state officials to crack down on water wasters. Activities such as excessive lawn watering, washing […]


So what exactly happened in Portland? Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, E. Coli was found in samples taken of the area’s drinking water supply, leading to a boil water alert for over 650,000 residents.

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Last week, we were among the many sharing and striving to help West Virginia residents still living with significant water contamination issues.  This week, The New York Times broke a story nearly as troubling. In the investigation, a corresponding video of which appears above, water samples from eight of twelve rooftop water towers (depended on […]


It’s still scary.  The West Virginia water contamination incident.  While it may seem that most zones have been cleared, with tap water officially declared ‘safe,’ water quality issues – ranging from discoloration, to odor, to off-flavors – may last for quite some time.  And most frustrating about all of this, as we shared yesterday, is […]


“Water changes everything” – charity: water Over the last several years, WaterFilters.NET has been proud to support and partner with charity: water by offering a portion of our profits to its mission.  The results of this financial support can be seen in the Ethiopian villages of May Shintro and Mai Gudguad, both of which are […]