china water crisis

This past weekend was an unpleasant one in Toledo, Ohio as a drinking water ban impacted the lives of nearly 400,000 residents.  Caused by an algae bloom in Lake Erie, this is one of the larger recent drinking water bans this country has experienced, and comes relatively hot on the heels of January’s MCHM contamination […]


Only one percent of the world’s water is safe to drink.  As our climate changes, unfortunately, this could represent a peak. In the video above, Rachel Schoutsen from The Weather Network hears from Ryan Ness, Senior Manager of Research and Development with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.  Ness shares more on how climate change […]


Why The China Water Crisis Is The World Water Crisis

by Jamin Arvig on December 27, 2013

20% of the world’s population lives in China.  And by 2030, a significant percentage of this population will run out of clean drinking water. Bottom-line, the economic and human impact of millions of Chinese residents facing the very real possibility of dehydration will undoubtedly disrupt stability throughout the balance of the world.  So the question […]

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