boil water alerts

Above are two of the rightfully angry questions being asked by West Virginia residents this week that are living through an unprecedented water contamination incident.  The most common questions being, of course, ‘when can I drink my tap water again?’ and ‘whose fault is this?’ Without speculating on blame, or unfortunately, when your tap water […]


Earlier this week, we introduced you to 400 villagers in the Ethiopian villages of May Shintro and Mai Gudguad whose lives we’ve helped to save – with your help – through our donations to charity: water.  What fills us with pride is the knowledge that we’re not only not alone in our commitment  to bringing […]


We’ve covered a lot of stories on this blog as of late sharing how small and craft breweries are adhering to water usage best practices.  That makes the video above all the more special.  Fox affiliate WFXL in Georgia shares how one of the nation’s largest breweries – MillerCoors – has implemented water sustainability initiatives […]