Water News You Need: Dancers Unite For Clean Water, California Vineyards Help Protect Aquifers & Texas Launches Water Recycling

by admin on August 2, 2013

Check out the great video above, published earlier this week, featuring dancers uniting for clean drinking water throughout the world.  This represents another great example of how all of us can combine the skills we have – with just a bit of technology – to help bring clean drinking water to those in need.

The video description also includes a link to Tim Ferriss’s page on charity: water.  Tim has been honored by countless publications, ranging from Forbes to Mashable, as one of the most innovative people working in business today.  I highly encourage you to donate to Tim’s cause, in addition to subscribing to The Blog of Tim Ferriss and following his Twitter feed.

More Water News:

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio To Improve Water Quality With Dam Removal Read more about a one million dollar project being launched in northeast Ohio that will improve water quality for fish and wildlife – in addition to providing a jumpstart for the local economy.

Clean Water Music Fest Happening In Ponte Verda Next Weekend For those in the northern Florida area, I highly recommend the Clean Water Music Fest, happening Saturday, August 10th at the Ponte Verda Concert Hall. Being hosted by Jacksonville folk Duo Flagship Romance, this event marks another great opportunity to give to charity: water, through a suggested donation of $10 good for one admission.  Tickets can be purchased at the event website, cleanwatermusicfest.com.

Clean Water & Soap Essential To A Child’s Development Research authored by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the charity WaterAid indicate that poor hygiene and dirty water may be stunting the growth of children in malnourished parts of our world.  Read more about this study in the article published by The Independent, in the link above.

Texas Conservation Alliance Launches Water Recycling Initiatives Great story from Dana Wilson of the Texas Conservation Alliance sharing more about new initiatives to recycle and purify water to better meet the needs of the state’s growing population.  Read more about some of the plans being lined up in Dana’s story.

Vineyard Owners Helping Establish California Water District Joined by agriculturalists, a group of California vineyard owners are pushing for a California Water District that would have the power to implement both short and long-term solutions protecting aquifers in the region.  Julie Lynem of The Tribune shares more above.

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