Water is a High Priority in China

by wfnblog on January 7, 2013

China is a growing global power in many ways and they are not afraid to spend money to increase their presence and power in the world. The 2008 Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies demonstrated that, if nothing else, the Chinese are precise, dedicated, and committed to the country’s cause. With a massive push to entice Americans and Europeans to visit China, the government has had to do its fair share of clean up to make things “Westerner friendly.” In 2012, China spend about 68.3 billion US dollars (430.3 yuan) on improving water quality and conservation.

Chinese fishing

The record breaking amount spent on water in China bodes well for the future of the country. In many places, including Western style hotels, the water is not drinkable from the tap. In addition to not having adequate drinking water, thousands of people all over China die each year from flooding because of poorly maintained dams and levees. In 2012, the Chinese government reinforced 5400 reservoirs and helped manage nearly 2200 places along various rivers which are prone to flooding. By 2015, the government wants to contain an additional 5000 places along rivers as well as improve early warning systems for floods and storm surge.


In the next 2 years, China has committed to spend nearly 200 billion yuan to improve its drinking water quality for citizens around the country. China will also work on improving is irrigation systems for both landscaping and agricultural uses in 2013. All of these steps are part of a broader plan for China to improve the quality of life for all people. With a rapidly growing population, China must continue to improve these areas to stay on pace with the world.

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