Water Filters for Charity: WaterFilters.NET Donates 5% of Sales

by wfnblog on November 10, 2011

Help Us Give More...Water Filters for CharityThe website known for quality water filters at the best prices is rapidly expanding their focus. When consumers shop at WaterFilters.NET, they will quickly discover a company committed not only to customer service but also to global sustainability. Already in the past week, the company has made financial contributions to ten water-related charities, and announced their decision to give 5% of online sales to charity.

The financial contributions from WaterFilters.NET were given to non-profit water organizations to emphasize this company-wide focus on servant leadership. Gifts were made to the following charities: Blue Planet Network, Clean Water Fund, Living Water International, Project Wet, Thirst Relief International, WaterAid, Water for People, Waterkeeper Alliance, Water.org and The Water Project. Additionally, WaterFilters.NET has formed a preferred partnership with the non-profit organization, charity: water.

charity: water is the leading non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. In their first five years, they have funded more than 4,000 projects in 19 countries to serve about 2 million people with clean, safe drinking water and sanitation projects. Initial collaborations between WaterFilters.NET and charity: water have already provided over $7,500 for global clean water initiatives. In September, WaterFilters.NET CEO Jamin Arvig and charity: water founder Scott Harrison met in Washington, D.C. to discuss ways that the two leading water organizations could work together. Jamin pledged significant support to the cause, and the current WaterFilters.NET initiative to donate funds from every sale to the charity is a direct result of the meeting between Jamin and Scott.

“We have always made it our mission to improve water and the world, but we decided to do more. This bold new initiative is a natural fit for WaterFilters.NET,” says Arvig. “It aligns perfectly with our company’s core values, and especially with our emerging emphasis on servant leadership.”

As the internet retail company has grown over the years, the WaterFilters.NET leadership team has worked hard to emphasize “360 Degree Service” throughout the company’s culture. They even took the unconventional step of flipping the traditional corporate organizational chart upside down–with management defining their role as serving the associates who work directly with customers, suppliers and others. The entire team at WaterFilters.NET has nearly ten years of experience in delivering affordable quality water to a growing customer base. Expanding their focus to accessible drinking water to inhabitants across the globe is a natural next step for the company. Organized around core values that include excellence, integrity and continuous improvement, every member of the WaterFilters.NET team has been trained not only to sell a product, but to serve the greater good of clean water for all.

“We call it 360-degree service,” explains Jamin. “We exist as a business to serve our customer. We fulfill our mission as an organization by serving the larger world.”

The team at WaterFilters.NET is encouraging customers to “like” their efforts on Facebook, and to spread the word among family and friends. The company’s aim is to maximize the influence of social media as a way to bring safe drinking water to impoverished inhabitants in remote parts of the world. Giving to the charity: water campaign is featured prominently throughout their website, and every team member has a bracelet with the “Improving Water & the World” message printed on it, with many more bracelets to give away to customers and others.

“As a business, we offer our customers affordable, pure water,” Jamin concludes. “As a corporate participant in a larger movement, we are committed to bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in need.”

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