Water Filter Pitchers a Fine Choice

by wfnblog on May 25, 2011

Water Filter PitcherIt’s come to my attention recently that some online water filter retailers refuse to sell water filter pitchers because of their alleged poor cost/benefit ratio. They argue essentially that pitcher filter replacement cartridges cost too much per gallon of filtered water. On the surface this argument looks good, mostly because it fails to look at the issue with any depth. It’s true if you only calculate the cost of a cartridge divided by the number of gallons of filtered water produced by said cartridge. However, it’s completely false if you calculate the cost of the alternative. Unfortunately we do not have any MIT graduates available to perform the complex calculations, but if we did, you would see that the environmental cost, as well as the potential health cost would more than make up for any immediate tangible expense. Yes, in a perfect world everyone would have an under sink drinking water system which ultimately provides the best cost/benefit ratio, but to discourage the purchase of a water filter pitcher is to lead many to buy bottled water instead. I suspect I need not explain the negative environmental impact of plastic bottles, and the facts regarding the staggeringly low quality of most bottled water. If you are unfamiliar with the subject, check out our previous post titled More Evidence Home Filtered Water is Better then Bottled Water.

Unfortunately we at WaterFilters.NET have, in small unintended ways, contributed to the negative image of water filter pitchers. To set the record straight, let us be clear that we know filter pitchers and faucet mounted filters do not offer the best cost/benefit ratio when compared to whole house or under sink water filter systems, but they are much better than the alternative of bottled water or unfiltered water loaded with contaminants. Plus, water filter pitchers are very convenient, especially for those who are otherwise unable to have a built in system. They are perfectly portable for camping, or even when traveling and staying in a hotel. Furthermore, the initial investment is significantly lower than that required for a permanent system, making it the perfect water filter for those who want to “test drive” filtered water, or even the perfect gift. I know that some will think this sounds a bit weird, but if I had a friend or loved one with a serious illness or disease, and I knew they were not drinking filtered water, I would definitely buy them a water filter pitcher and encourage them to try it. Maybe it will help a little, maybe a lot, and maybe not at all, but it most certainly will not do any harm. I would not be able to buy them a permanent system, but a water filter pitcher is perfect for such a situation. My point: water filter pitchers serve a useful purpose and, in fact, compliment other methods of water filtration perfectly. WaterFilters.NET hopes that manufacturers keep making them indefinitely!

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