Water Charity Spotlight: Project WET

by wfnblog on December 2, 2011

Project WetAs another expression of our core commitment to Improve Water and the World, WaterFilters.NET is lifting up the work of major water charities. We feature them in our blog and elsewhere.

Here is one of ten non-profits to which we recently contributed.

Project WET is dedicated to the mission of reaching children, parents, teachers and the global community with water education. Project WET achieves its mission of worldwide water education by: 1) publishing water resource materials in several languages, 2) providing training workshops on diverse topics, such as water quality and conservation, 3) organizing community water events, such as “Make a Splash” water festivals and the “Global Water Education Village” and 4) building a worldwide network of scientists, educators and water resource professionals.

Planet-wide water problems are on the rise. Every day, the quality and quantity of water resources impact the well-being of the earth’s seven billion inhabitants. One in eight do not have access to clean and abundant water. Water education is more essential than ever in schools, homes and businesses. Through water education, individuals discover that water knows no borders—flowing through and connecting us all. Offering people a deeper understanding of complex environmental issues is crucial, as is equipping them with the necessary skills to undertake this century’s challenges. Sustainable water management contributes to socioeconomic stability,          as well as a healthy environment.

Among Project WET’s core beliefs is the following:  “Water connects us all. It moves through living and nonliving systems and binds them together in a complex web of life.”

The Project WET program was established in 1984 by the North Dakota State Water Commission in the agency’s planning division to educate the public about water resources and its management. In 1989, the director of Project WET North Dakota was invited by Montana State University, using funding from the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), to pilot the Project WET program in Montana, Idaho and later Arizona. The success of this multi-state pilot initiative led to a decision by the BOR to fund the development and publication of the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide (1995), as well as to establish the Project WET USA network in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

The Project WET Foundation was established on July 1, 2005 as a 501(c)(3) organization, to continue developing and implementing Project WET worldwide. Project WET is supported annually by grant money, by contracts from public and private sector donors, by corporate sponsorship and individual donations, and by the thousands of individuals and organizations who purchase Project WET materials.

Check out the charity’s website here.

Learn more about our Water Filters for Charity program here.

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