Water Charity Spotlight: Blue Planet Network

by wfnblog on November 17, 2011

Blue Planet Network logo - Water Filters for Charity

As another expression of our core commitment to Improve Water and the World, WaterFilters.NET is lifting up the work of major water charities. We will be featuring them in our blog and elsewhere. Here is one of ten non-profits to which we recently contributed.

Blue Planet Network was founded in 2002 with the initial goal of raising money for and awareness of the need for safe drinking water by organizing a “round-the-world” running relay. Initially, the Network was named the “Blue Planet Run Foundation.” In June 2007, the Blue Planet Run began at the United Nations in New York City with twenty elite runners from thirteen different national backgrounds. In 2006, a new technology platform for Blue Planet, the Peer Water Exchange was introduced. Today they partner with 73 member NGOs working in 23 countries. Together with these partner organizations, Blue Planet Network showcases $25+ million of water and sanitation projects, and they have directly funded nearly $1.5 million of projects. As evidenced by these numbers, Blue Planet Network is a group of passionate people, working with a global network of experienced water groups, to bring sustainable drinking water to people in rural communities around the world.

Blue Planet Network delivers 100% of the donations it receives from individual contributors to safe, clean drinking water projects around the world. The Network’s operating and fundraising costs are covered by the generous support of corporate donors and foundation grants. These donors also fund water projects directly through the Network.

The use of the term Network in their name accurately describes their organizational model. They draw on the global capacity and creativity of individuals, philanthropies, businesses and expert water organizations to solve the global safe drinking water crisis. They categorize their network partners in general terms as implementers, funders and analysts.

Their greater vision is beautifully stated: Blue Planet Network envisions a world where every human can draw from their well or turn on their tap, safely drink the water, and have access to health and economic advancement as a result. Their goal is to implement safe drinking water for 200,000,000 people in the next 20 years.

As their website puts it: “We celebrate every life transformed by safe drinking water, every child who can go to school instead of lugging water all day, every woman freed from menial labor and able to build a new future, every person freed from waterborne diseases and able to improve their lives and those of their community. We know that we cannot do this on our own. But we do know that, working together…we can make permanent progress in the battle for safe drinking water for all.”

Check out the charity’s website here.

Learn more about our Water Filters for Charity program here.

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