Testimonial Tuesdays – Quick and Straight-to-the-Point Edition

by wfnblog on June 19, 2012

Satisfied customers at WaterFilters.NETWe’ll cut to the chase today: We love our customers! Serving the people with whom we do business is our way of bringing to the world clean, safe, affordable access to water.┬áIt’s the world’s most precious resource, and we’re glad to do our part.

This is what our customers are saying about our Customer Service Team:

About Heather G.

“I have never had someone as good as I have had today that acted on everything that should have been done to help and satisfy the customer. I would give an outstanding review, for matters were taken care of in a professional matter. Thanks so much!”

-Keith A., rating Heather 10 out of 10

About Annie H.

“Very prompt and courteous reply. Your offer of a refund is very generous, and the suggestion to purchase a different brand filter is appreciated.”

-Wayne N., rating Annie 10 out of 10

About Melanie B.

“Brief and to the point and fast response.”

-Terry H., rating Melanie 10 out of 10

What more can we say than that? That pretty much sums it up!


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