Testimonial Tuesday – Gold Medal Edition

by wfnblog on July 24, 2012

Satisfied customers at WaterFilters.NETThe 2012 Summer Olympics begin this week, celebrating the ideals of our common humanity throughout the global village. Throughout the games, we will hear stories of individual excellence and personal triumph, as well as strong bonds of teamwork, sacrifice and loyalty to the greater good. It’s the perfect time for us to express gratitude for the world-class team we have at WaterFilters.NET, and the core values that guide our customer service.

WaterFilters.NET customer Eddie had this to say about Customer Care Specialist Val:

“I appreciate a Customer Service Rep. that knows the meaning of customer service. Too many “Reps” respond using cookie cutter reponses and never even read your inquiry. These responses have nothing to do with the question. This response was specific to my question and outlined perfectly the steps needed to correct the problem. Thank You!”

At Water Filters.NET, our Customer Service is World-Class.Nicole writes:

“Awesome customer service from Brandon … Very much appreciated :)”

On a similar note, Karen commented about Sloane’s 360-degree servant leadership:

“It is so nice to receive excellent customer service!! Thank you!”

It is so encouraging to hear from our customers about how we are doing. Please keep the feedback coming! In the meantime, we’re getting ready in our free time to launch our own Olympic sports–like Water Filter Polo. We’ll let you know how it goes. Pictures coming soon…

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