5 Ways We’ll Help You Stay Hydrated This Independence Day

by admin on June 30, 2014

Stay Hydrated This Holiday WeekendIndependence Day brings us to that part of summer that isn’t quite the kickoff, yet is still a considerable ways off from the ‘dog days.’  We could say, however, that in addition to a time to reflect on our Independence, the 4th of July is a time to reflect on just what type of toll hot weather can take on our bodies – specifically and sneakily – dehydration.

As you get ready to celebrate with a long weekend, check-out our list below sharing five ways we can help you stay hydrated throughout this weekend – and every remaining weekend this summer.  Patriotic angles added, where applicable:

Rainshowr Garden Grow Dechlorinator - GG-20101. Offering American Made Air & Water Filters
Air filters and water filters we offer at WaterFilters.NET represent the highest in filtration quality, helping to ensure your indoor air and drinking water are virtually free of harmful impurities.  But when we have the opportunity, we like to call out the American-made products that we are lucky enough to be able to offer.  Even better, we like to give you these for a bit of a discount during special occasions.

All Independence Day week, through next Monday July 7th, we are proudly offering 20% off on Made in the USA Tier1 air filters for your furnace or air conditioner, and 10% off for the American-made Gard’n Gro Dechlorinator, pictured, that helps your garden stay hydrated!

Use the code ‘Air21’ at checkout when buying air filters or ‘Grow1’ when purchasing the garden dechlorinator.  For help bundling orders to take advantage of both discounts, simply call our customer service team located in the heart of small-town America, Zumbrota, MN, at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

2. Providing An Honest to Goodness American-Made Discount
Just because the filter you need wasn’t made in America, doesn’t mean your discount wasn’t!  Through July 4th, use the discount code ‘Freedom’ to take 5% off your entire order!

WaterFilters.NET - Veterans Day3. Giving A Veteran & Military Discount
Independence Day is about more than long weekends and barbeques.  It’s this time of year that we remember the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform that ensure we have the freedom to enjoy our weekend and our barbeques in the first place.

While we can never fully thank veterans and military personnel, we can offer a small token of appreciation.  Today, tomorrow and every day thereafter – use the code ‘Veteran’ at checkout if you are a veteran, current military or represent a military family – and we’ll give you 10% off your entire order!

4.  Reminding You Of The Ancillary Filters You Replace On Longer Weekends
When is the last time you changed your washing machine inline filter or your shower filter?  What about the last time you treated your water softener?  Long weekends are great for replacing the filters or completing the projects you may not think about, or want to deal with, on those skimpy 2-day weekends.

If you are having trouble finding that odd filter that you make a point to change when you have an extra day, call our customer service team at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

Brita Filtered Water Bottles5. Ensuring You’ve Got Clean Drinking Water On the Go
Just where will you go this holiday weekend?

RV Trip?  Long camping excursion?  Or maybe just a quick hike in either the Great Outdoors or any urban jungle you happen to find yourself?

Fortunately, we have the RV filters, camping filters and filtered water bottles that will help you stay hydrated through any holiday adventure!

How else can we help you stay hydrated with clean water this holiday weekend?  I invite you to let us know via a comment below.

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