Red River Flooding Sparks Need for Water Filtration Systems

by wfnblog on April 2, 2009

With flood waters ravaging parts of the Upper Midwest, homeowners are being warned about possible contamination of private water wells.

WCCO reported that “Minnesota health officials are warning that contaminated private water wells will be a major concern during flooding predicted in the Red River Valley and surrounding areas” ( In addition, WCCO also spoke with an assistant commissioner at the Minnesota Department of Health and reported “that if flood waters come within 50 feet of a well casing, it will have to be pumped out, disinfected and tested before the water can be used again.”

For homeowners concerned about well problems and looking for solutions, WaterFilters.NET provides an array of effective and affordable products that will combat numerous water problems.

Joe Hansen, sales at WaterFilters.NET, said, “At a time when many homeowners are concerned about their water quality moving forward, we want to make known to them the numerous products we provide that can assist them with their concerns.”

For those homeowners specifically concerned about contamination issues, WaterFilters.NET provides several UltraViolet Water Filter Systems from Pentek. These systems disinfect the water supply, and the UltraViolet filtration kills bacteria, viruses, molds, algae and other microorganisms.

“These systems are a great tool for homeowners looking specifically at contamination problems,” Hansen said. “And since they are made by such a reputable brand such as Pentek, the quality and durability is unquestioned.”

For more information about UltraViolet Water Filter Systems or any number of other products, visit WaterFilters.NET UV Systems.

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