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by wfnblog on October 10, 2011

ZeroWater FilterToday we want to feature an exciting new product line of water filter from ZeroWater. For many of you, it may be an ideal alternative in living spaces where whole house water filters or a reverse osmosis system is not a practical solution.

Consider a personal example. I recently downsized to a much smaller residence. The number one life lesson I have relearned from this process is: Keep it simple. Along with that lesson, I have rediscovered the value of efficient design. Let me illustrate. I came home a few weeks ago to find my bedroom closet doors jammed partially open. The entire clothes rack and shelving had ripped out of the wall from too much clothing stuffed in there! My first step: simplify. I evaluated what I really needed, and sorted out a bunch of clothing for a garage sale, then moved some other seasonal items into another storage space. My next step: design a better clothes rack that would be more secure and effective. Problem solved.

Simplicity and quality design. If you live in an apartment or in any location where space is at a premium, then you can appreciate the value of having all the conveniences of home, but with significantly less clutter.

That is why we can confidently recommend the ZeroWater filter as an ideal water purification product for people looking for a high quality point-of-use system to fit any space. ZeroWater’s patented five-stage filtering process reduces virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS) from your drinking water.

ZeroWater’s first two filter layers of activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy reduce the all-too-common chlorine taste from tap water.

Three additional stages include an ion exchange to reduce virtually all dissolved solids that may have leached into your water from piping or that may be left over from public water systems—such as lead, nitrate, mercury, aluminum, zinc and more. The additional layers of filtration help ensure reduction of impurities with the appropriate treatment time to deliver a “000” reading on your TDS meter.

Up until now, homeowners who have wanted a “000” TDS reading would invest in a reverse osmosis (RO) system. Installing an RO system under the kitchen sink in your apartment when you’re renting, however, is not a great option. So what if you want “reverse osmosis quality” in a smaller, less permanent space?

ZeroWater offers two great designs that slide handily into your fridge:

The ZeroWater ZD-013 Water Filter Pitcher is a sleek eight-cup water pitcher for ease of storage and transport:

ZeroWater 8-Cup Filter Pitcher

The ZeroWater ZD-018 Water Filter Dispenser stores twenty-three cups of filtered water, and comes equipped with built-in features for further convenience. The ZD-018 dispenser’s one-hand “Pull & Pour” button spout makes it simple to dispense water into your bottle or cup. Plus it’s designed for easy access to refill your dispenser while it’s in your fridge, eliminating the need to haul the unit between the refrigerator and the kitchen sink. ZeroWater 23-Cup Filter Dispenser
Both the pitcher and dispenser are built with the filter assembly underneath the filling reservoir, ensuring that water passes through and not around the filter cartridge.

Eliminate the clutter in your home, while still reducing the contaminants in your water. I certainly do not want to repeat the mistake I made with my closet in my new refrigerator! Instead of loading down my kitchen fridge (or under sink cabinet) with extra filtration equipment, the ZeroWater pitchers and dispensers are an ideal alternative to bulkier systems. So if you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes simplicity and efficiency, the choice of filter is obvious. ZeroWater is an excellent choice to consider.

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