Public Needs to be Better Educated on Water Bourne Illnesses

by wfnblog on March 30, 2010

The last several years have witnessed numerous efforts at diagnosing, understanding and preventing water contamination issues around the world. Public health advocates and environmentalists have led the charge to warn the public about the dangers of ground water contamination and the various chemicals that pose health risks when ingested.

In fact, The New York Times has recently run several articles that delved into the nation’s drinking water and its safety, while at the same time investigating the condition of the country’s water treatment and sewage systems (which they found—mostly—to be outdated and in serious need of repair).

In the midst of this debate, some have argued that public health officials have relied too much on filtration and disinfectant treatment processes to ensure safe drinking water and that the public needs to be better informed regarding the sources and types of contamination.

For example in just the past several months, news outlets around the world have reported on massive earthquakes and severe flooding, two conditions that are usually linked to bacterial contamination. Other examples of the need for becoming better informed include contamination outbreaks where physicians were slow to diagnose the specific cause of the outbreak.

In addition to becoming better informed, some have promoted the benefits of UV Disinfection in the battle against contaminated water. For example, the Trojan UVMAX Pro10 Disinfection System is ideal for light commercial installations and regulated and non-regulated drinking water applications.

The Trojan UVMAX Pro10 kills a variety of viruses that can be found in water, including Crypto and Giardia—and other bacteria.

While the battle over contaminated water will continue, better education and better products can help in the fight.

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