Overview of a whole house water filter system

by wfnblog on January 6, 2010

This Water Wisdom video features Aquaman explaining the various components of a whole house water filtration system. Getting clean, pure water to every faucet in your house makes life easy! And its not as complex or expensive as you may think.

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gidros January 28, 2010 at 9:17 pm

Most filtration discs are made with diagonal grooves on both faces of each disc. A stack of discs pressed together forms a filtration element. This conventional disc technology is further explained in this link:
For Back-Flush operation the tightening of such disc stack is released, spaces are opened between the discs to expose the grooves to the water stream. When the stack is retightened some solid particles might catch between the discs and degrade the filtration quality.

Some filters are made with SDF filtration discs that are designed with different pattern of ribs on its faces. This design enables to keep the stack tightened at all times, including during back-flush operation. The structure of the SDF discs is explained and illustrated at this link:
Two important features are implemented in the design of SDF Semiautomatic Rotary Filter:
a.) The disc stack always remains tightened, even during back-flush operation.
b.) Filtered water are used for back-flush.
The design of the SDF Semiautomatic Rotary Filter is further explained and illustrated at this link:

In conclusion, for home and drinking water applications people should be aware of the features of back-flush of any filter they use and its influence on the filtration quality.


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