3 Ways Our Water Filters Company Has Grown By Focusing On You

by Jamin Arvig on August 22, 2013

WaterFilter.NET CustomersNext month WaterFilters.NET will make its fifth straight appearance on the Inc. 5000, a listing of some of the fastest growing companies in the nation.  This recognition puts our company, a modest online water filters superstore that I started with my family while still in college ten years ago, into some pretty rarified air.

While recognition from the business community at large is awesome (you can see the smile on my face from a mile away), achieving this distinction would be impossible without a clear customer focus driving everything we do.

But any company can call themselves the leading provider of water filters.  I prefer to walk the walk and become both your first choice in filtration – and your go-to source for healthy drinking water information. Here are three ways we will continue to commit to doing so:

Water Quality Association Logo1. Highly Trained & Available Customer Support
If I just wanted to sell you water filters, I could hire anyone to man our call center.  But bringing someone into my call center is not about me filling your order. It’s about me trusting someone to ensure the quality of the water you serve to your family.

This is why we are constantly working and investing in our customer service team, ensuring they are up to speed on the latest drinking water guidelines and capabilities of the filters we sell.  The head of our customer service team can even boast about being certified as a water specialist by the Water Quality Association (WQA.)

This goes beyond selling you the right water filter.  This is about selling you the purest possible water.

2. Easy Access To The Thought Leading Information You Need
The last few weeks, you may have noticed this blog expand to include topics focused on more than just water quality as a whole – but water quality as it relates to very specific uses, from home brewing to exercise.

Over the next several months, you will see this content expand considerably, with even more posts targeted to the individual needs and interests of our customers – written by our team members with experience in those individual areas.  Of course, we will continue to publish topics of broader interest and our popular series of how-to posts, ensuring you know how to tell when it’s time to change your water filter or time to change your refrigerator water filter.

charity water Logo3. Honest Commitment To Improving The World
Our recent Future of Water Scholarship awarded Duke University student Mona Dai $500 for her proposed global water shortage solution.   And a significant percentage of our profit go towards financially supporting water charities, including charity: water.

When it comes to playing our part to solving the world’s water crisis, we walk the walk.  And this commitment towards improving the world as a whole trickles down through every aspect of our business.

I would like to personally thank all of our customers, new and existing, for helping us achieve the distinct honor of becoming one of the country’s fastest growing businesses.  To stay up to date with the latest ways our company will be working to consistently improve our ability to serve you, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog or our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest water news and hydration tips.  I also invite you to +1 and add us to your circles on Google+ to be the first to learn about exclusive deals and new products.

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