Icelandic Volcano Raises Drinking Water Concerns Among Experts

by wfnblog on April 26, 2010

Volcano WaterAs airline passengers across much of Europe—and around the world—are boarding planes again after the Icelandic volcano stranded millions across the continent, a new concern is beginning to be discussed by experts: drinking water safety.

In a report on, the website cited experts who stressed that volcanic ash could threaten the safety of water supplies—as well as cause health risks to livestock. The report said that livestock were at the greatest risk, since most of Iceland’s drinking water supply comes from groundwater, essentially largely protected from falling ash.

However, experts warned livestock owners to keep their animals indoors to protect them from the effects of ash, which contains high levels of fluoride. And it’s this fluoride that poses health risks to livestock.

The recent volcano is just another reminder about the importance of keeping drinking water supplies safe for the globe’s six billion inhabitants. Events like this, while rare, potentially can instantly and nearly completely destroy water supplies for thousands—or even millions—of people.

A decade or two ago, experts were concerned about another contaminant falling from the sky: acid rain. Mainly prevalent along the U.S. east coast, this threat has been productively addressed. However, it reminds us of the numerous types of threats to our drinking water supplies.

While as individuals we can’t do much about volcanoes and acid rain falling from sky, we can do something about the water that comes into our homes. water filters and reverse osmosis systems provide homeowners with some of the best protection against contaminants. They’re affordable and effective in helping keep our personal drinking water as healthy as possible.

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