How do business leaders define success?

by wfnblog on April 8, 2010

Our CEO was recently quoted in an article “62 Business Leaders Answer: What Does Success Mean To You?.” There are some real gems in this article, including some of our favorites:

“Success means leaving the world a little bit better because I was here.” – Mark Black, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Transplant Recipient

“One of my favorite quotes that I base success on is: ‘I have learned not to measure a man by his success in life, but by the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed. ‘Booker T. Washington.” -Dr. Nancy B. Irwin, Speaker/Author

“We measure success not only by what our company accomplishes, but also by the business growth of our clients – from the increased awareness about their brand to the expansion of their products or services.” Connie Wong, President of Moderne Press

“Success means finally waking up with not one thing to complain about!” -T. Bodene Wolfe, Author “Guys With Really Bad Shoes”

Success is being able to say, “I love what I do.” – Brett Farmiloe, Author of Pursue the Passion

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