5 Household Chores To Check Off When Changing Your Water Filters

by admin on September 3, 2013

Household Chores Make Pretty People HappyYou are about to enter a new season.  At least most of you probably are, as you’ve landed on a post about changing your water filters, and most of you that change your water filters regularly adhere to a semi-seasonal routine.

What’s great about the semi-seasonal routine of changing your water filters is that it’s a quick household chore with immediate impact.  A checklist writer’s dream, in other words.  But if you want to max out on that checklist kind of feeling, you’re going to need a bigger list.  Unfortunately, this means more projects.

For those in the know, however, there are several household chores that can be completed as quickly as it takes to change your water filters, have the same immediate impact, and make it feel and look like you’re getting a lot done. Below, are five quick household chores I recommend checking off whenever you change your water filters:

1. Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries
Smoke detector batteries seem to last forever.  But when they die, usually in the middle of the night, you’ll know it by the constant and aggressive beeping.  If you wait until the last minute to swap out your smoke detector batteries, you’re just as likely to swat it off the ceiling with a broom or a fist as restoring it to the lifesaving device it’s trying to be.  Avoid so many different safety issues by changing your smoke detector batteries every six months, beep or no beep.

Sprite SL-CM-M Slim Line Universal Shower Filter System

2. Change Your Shower Filter
A shower filter will serve the same basic purpose as any other water filter in your home, reducing the chlorine and contaminants that can make their way through your faucet.  But with a shower filter, you are protecting the outside of your body (think dry skin and split ends) – rather than the inside.  Like most water filters, a shower filter has a lifespan of about six months and can typically be changed pretty quickly.

3. Commit To Ironing
Plan to iron all your clothes in advance, at the same time as you change your water filters.  After all, just look at how happy it made the pretty people in the stock image above!

4. Check or Change Your Furnace Air Filter
A post from a furnace and air conditioning repair company Ray N. Welter Heating refers to the furnace air filter as the ‘silent guardian preventing irritable particles from entering your home.’  The same post offers tips for when to check your furnace filter – and the signs that it’s time to change your filter.  Full disclosure – this company happens to be a neighbor of mine.  And more full disclosure – they happen to do awesome work.

Wasp Hive In Stucco5. Close Up Bug & Critter Holes
The image to the left shows a finger sized hole in my stucco.  Being tiny, it’s quite hard to see.  But it’s big enough to house an entire hive of yellow jackets – that were breeding quickly and finding ways into my home – which I share with both a pregnant wife and an allergy-sensitive dog.  Fortunately, the hive was easy to remove as a DIY.  Were these honeybees, the removal cost could have been anywhere from $300 to $1,000, per St. Paul-based carpenter and beekeeper Randy Fisk, a bee removal expert. Finding and closing off these holes can prevent all sorts of infestations – especially in northern states where all manner of critters look for a warm place to inhabit.  And breed.

Are there any household chores you focus on when changing your water filters? If so, please share via a comment below.

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