Getting A Free Water Bottle & Drinking Organic Beer: 6+ Ways To Mark Water Quality Month

by admin on August 5, 2013

WaterFilters.NET Funbottle Water BottleWe’ll send you the water bottle to the left for free, just for asking.  Read on.

August has been designated National Water Quality Month by the EPA – and drinking water quality has never been more top of mind.

Being in the clean drinking water business, we knew that we had to do something to mark this occasion.  So we thought, why not launch a Facebook contest and giveaway!

Just a few problems with that. First, we’re in the drinking water business – not the sweepstakes business.  Second, aren’t you a little bit sick of Facebook contests?

So instead, we’re just going to give you one fun bottle, for free, while supplies last.  All you have to do is ask by commenting below, or on our Facebook or Google+ pages.  You can Tweet us, too. There’s just one tiny catch. When asking, you have to share one tip for improving drinking water quality.  (Of course, you’ll have to send your address to, too.)

To get you started check out six ideas from water technology company Quench in this link and six more from the team here at water filters company, WaterFilters.NET:

Jester King Brewery Rain Barrells1. Drink Organic Beer
San  Francisco Chronicle reporter Lessley Anderson described organic beer as the redheaded, cruddy tasting stepchild of the craft beer industry in a recent article profiling Daniel Del Grande of Bison Brewing.

But thanks to the burgeoning organic hop market, and the efforts of brewers ranging from Bison and Eel River in California, to Jester King in Texas, all the way up to Peak Organic in Maine, organic craft beer has transformed into a legitimate industry player.  Hollywood, Florida even boasts an all organic brewpub.

Better yet, drinking organic beer helps support the sustainable efforts of these brewers, including Eel Brewing’s on site water treatment facility and Jester King’s rain water barrels used in brewing, pictured above.

If you aren’t in the states above, check out this list of some of the more popular organic beers that you are more likely to find in your area.

Rain Garden2. Build A Rain Garden
A rain garden, pictured to the left in a photo courtesy of Twin Cities-based non-profit Metro Blooms, is a shallow depression designed to capture rain water and help it penetrate deeply into your soil.  A rain garden is great for your plants – and helps reduce the amount of storm water that can help pollutants make it into our water ways.

Inexpensive rain water workshops are offered in several metro areas, including some hosted by Metro Blooms in the Twin Cities.  Our company even offers garden hose and water filters that can help you get started.

3. See Elysium
Staring Matt Damon, Elysium is set in the year 2154 and tells the story of one man that can bring equality to a world defined by rich and poor social classes.  What does this have to do with drinking water quality?  Matt Damon is a co-founder of water charity  And the more successful we make Matt, the more successful we make!

4. Contribute $5 To A Water Quality Charity
From to charity: water, from Thirst Relief to Water Missions International, there is no shortage of charities that could use your help to bring clean drinking water to the world – and any amount helps.

6. Save $5 By Teaching Your Kids (or Yourself) Water Saving Tips
And because we’re asking you to spend $5, here’s a way to save $5.  Make water reduction a priority for your family with simple actions including turning off the water when you brush your teeth to recycling water used to boil vegetables to feed your plants.

We look forward to your tips for improving drinking water quality and we look forward to shipping you out your free water bottle to celebrate water quality month!

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