5 Terrifying Tales of Dirty Water Dangers & One Heroic Last Girl

by admin on October 31, 2013

Scary Dirty Water May Be In Your HomeHalloween changes things.  What would ordinarily be the house settling, the wind blowing or the loose screen door flapping suddenly transforms into all manners of evil trying to infiltrate your home.

As scary as the forces outside your home can be, there are evil beasties more terrifying than Freddy, Jason and Leatherface combined.  And if you haven’t replaced your water filters in more than six months, you may have already invited these monsters into your home!

In honor of Halloween, we’re happy to share five of the most terrifying tales of dirty water danger that could befall on you if you are not maintaining a 6-month water filter replacement schedule.  And because no modern tale of terror is complete without a last girl standing, we end today’s piece with a clear hero willing to stand-up and fight the demons described:

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Used Refrigerator Water Filter1. Henry: Portrait of a Dirty Refrigerator Water Filter
The scariest monsters are those that we never see coming – docile, normal and seemingly helpful.  This was the case with California homeowner Margaret Andrews and her Whirlpool refrigerator water filter she lovingly named Henry.

For years, Margaret never gave a second thought to the water and ice Henry provided.  But inside, Henry was slowly changing into something sinister.  It took an urgent note from Whirlpool themselves to alert Margaret that the Henry she knew and loved had expired years ago.  In his place, was a shell of his former self filled to the brim with the types of evil contaminants Margaret had long trusted Henry to protect her against.  See the troubling image above.

Henry, the dirty water filter, lives on now only as a troubling memory of what can happen to anything exposed to evil for too long.

Dirty Whole House Water Filter2. Wendigo of WaterFilters.NET
Road Trippers blog recently shared an infographic titled the United States of Monsters and named the Wendigo  – a half-beast that can transform its shape and possess humans – as the official monster of Minnesota.

But if you want to see a really scary shape-shifter, check out the dirty filter to the left that haunts our headquarters in Zumbrota, MN.  Born clean and pure, this dirty water filter has been long possessed by the contaminants ever-present in nearly every drinking water source.  Most tragic and frightening is that the Wendigo of WaterFilters.NET only allowed himself to be possessed to save the rest of us.

Dirty Well Water From Fracking In Pennsylvania

3. Godzilla vs. The Fracking Water Monster
Decades ago, nuclear testing gave rise to Godzilla – a long dormant, fire breathing lizard – and one of the most famous movie monsters of all time.  While the dangers of nuclear waste and testing are rarely discussed today, there is something just as troubling to fear: fracking.

Fracking, or pumping water deep into the earth in order to extract oil and natural gas, is being named as the culprit for all manners of monstrous, mutated dirty water – including the contaminated well water being held by the Pennsylvania resident above.

Could fracking lead to something far worse than contaminated dirty water, giving rise to some type of long dormant monster?  And if so, will Godzilla be our friend or foe in the battle?

Dirty Reverse Osmosis Water Filters From RV4. Highway To Hellish Water
Dirty water will follow you from your home, as one Texas resident learned when going too long between RV water filter replacements.

The images to the left show a progression from dirty to clean and are enough to strike fear into the heart of anyone considering a late fall road trip that has yet to swap out their filters.

Dirty Reverse Osmosis Filters From Houston, Texas5. The Texas Water Filter Massacre
Texas, of course, is the setting for one of the most terrifying tales of horror and villains of all time.  But Leatherface has nothing on the image to the left.

Snapped in Houston, Texas just two years ago, the photo shows a before and after of a whole house water filter – exposed only to city water.  While these images are horrific, we can take solace in the fact that this water filter allowed itself to be ravaged so the rest of us could escape from the dangers of dirty water.

 Our Heroic Last Girl Standing – Meghan Shea:

Meghan Shea - Creator of Revolutionary Water FilterThe horror movies we tend to love the most are those that end with hope – and oftentimes that hope rests with the last girl standing.  Today’s last girl is Meghan Shea, pictured to the left.  We first introduced you to Meghan in our Drinking Water News a few weeks ago.

An 18-year old college student, Meghan was recently named a top innovator by Popular Mechanics after developing a new water filter, built from a combination of household items and seeds from the moringa tree.   Per Popular Mechanics, Meghan’s invention has the very real potential to ‘save lives in the world’s poorest regions.’

While Meghan is there to help save us all, know that when it comes to defeating the evil that lives within dirty water, any of us can take on the heroic nature of the ‘last one standing.’  Consistent water filter changes, typically every six months, will rescind the invitation of any evil – and leave your drinking water as clear and clean as Crystal Lake.

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