Filtering Your Fish Aquarium

by wfnblog on September 20, 2007

Many people choose to own fish as pets. Like any other pet, fish need to have proper care to survive. While there are many important factors to consider while caring for your fish, the most important is to make sure they have a clean environment. One of the best ways to care for your fish is to give them excellent water quality. This is very important in order to keep fish healthy. The two most important parts of the set up of the fish tank is having a water filter for your aquarium and a heater. There are two types of fish aquarium filters that you can choose to have. One is an internal filter and the other is an external filter. Which one is better to have?

Fish Aquarium Internal Filter
When looking at a fish aquarium internal filter, there are two main types. The first one is an under gravel filter. This is most commonly used for fresh water tanks. With this kind of filter, the gravel is the filter. It collects the extra food and fish waste that is pulled down into it. The second type of internal filter is a sump tank which sits below the main tank. This is most commonly used for salt water tanks. An internal tube permits the water to flow down into the sump. Then it is pumped through a string of filters which catch all the waste and the bad bacteria. Pumped back to the top of the main tank is the filtered water, which keeps a constant flow going. If you are looking for a good filter, this is a good choice. Unfortunately it is expensive and you will experience background noise.

Fish Aquarium External Filter
Referring back to the original question, which type of fish aquarium filter is best, the answer is the external filter. The only problem is that they tend to be expensive so not everyone can afford them. What is really nice about the external filter is that the filtering is done outside the tank. This keeps the filtered water apart from the water that has not been filtered until it is returned to the tank. As mentioned earlier, it is expensive, but also the most effective.

Keeping Your Fish Healthy
Even if you have a good filter for your fish aquarium, it is recommended that you change the water ever two weeks. This is good practice because not only do fish eat in the water, it also accumulates bio-wastes from the fish and gravel. Keeping a healthy environment is only one aspect of keeping your fish healthy. Another key point is to not overfeed your fish. Many fish die of overeating rather than under eating. If you are going away for the weekend, it’s okay for your fish to live on an empty stomach for a couple of days. This is better than giving them extra on Friday. Even if you have a friendly neighbor who is willing to help you out, it is best just to leave the fish alone for the weekend because the person might unintentionally overfeed them. So whether you have a big fish aquarium, or just a fish bowl, fish need the proper care to survive just like any other pet.


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