4 Drinking Water Tips To Avoid Back To School Headaches

by Tyler Ringeisen on July 17, 2014

Drinking Water Will Get This Kid Out of Bed[Last year, we published this post sharing how clean drinking water can help you avoid the back to school headaches that have become all to common.

With another school year racing towards us fast, it seemed a good time to revisit some of these tips to ensure this school year is filled with as much happiness and hydration as possible!]

Summer is coming to an end, which is always a sad time.  Until you realize that your kids are finally getting back to school – and getting out of your hair.

But with back to school relief come back to school headaches, from rousing ‘just so tired’ kids out of bed – to becoming a de-facto nurse or human lie detector when they swear that they’re too sick to make it through the day.

Ensuring your kids are drinking water in the right amount, and at the right times, can help you avoid a lot of these back to school headaches.  Below, find four drinking water tips to ensure back to school is a blissful time for you as a parent:

1. Get Your Kids Drinking Water First Thing In The Morning
During sleep, you are generally spending hours without drinking anything, so even if you don’t feel thirsty in the morning, you’re probably under-hydrated. When your body doesn’t have enough water, you’ll feel exhausted and have low energy.  This is the one legitimate reason why your kids may find getting out of bed in the morning the biggest struggle they face all day.  Give your kids a kick start – and get them moving – by ensuring they hydrate with a tall glass of clean water as they rise.  And if getting them to drink it doesn’t work, pouring it on them is a good alternative.Vapur Anti-Water Bottle

2. Give Your Kids A School-Friendly Water Bottle To Improve Academic Performance
What parent wants to spend their personal time meeting with teachers to discuss poor grades?  If academic performance is a concern, consider arming your kids with a water bottle – or even the anti-water bottle shown to the left – that they can carry with them throughout the day.  Drinking water is essential to brain health, concentration, alertness and cognitive ability – meaning the more hydrated your kids are, the better chance they have to perform.

3. Manage Mood Swings & Awkwardness By Serving Clean Water With Every Meal
Most teenagers have mood swings.  Many are awkward.  These aren’t trade secrets.  Mood swings and awkwardness can be amplified at the top of a new school year.  Mood swings and awkwardness can be even more amplified by mild dehydration which can cause grumpiness, pessimism, and headaches.  The benefits of ensuring your kids are drinking water with every meal, instead of unhealthy sodas or other sugary beverages, include level moods, fast metabolism –and even clear, acne-free skin!

4. Keep Athletic Kids Safe By Helping Manage Water Intake
It is very easy to become sick or injured due to dehydration during sports practices or phy ed classes. This is especially true at the beginning of the school year when the weather is still hot and students have not yet acclimated to the physical demands of strenuous exercise. You can keep your kids safer by sharing tips for drinking water before exercise, making sure they intake small amounts before, during, and after a workout, rather than drinking water by the chugful just prior to working out.  This will prevent dehydration, build muscle tone, and help to prevent the sore muscles and joints that may result in a ‘sick day.’

What tips can you share for avoiding back to school headaches?  Or for ensuring your kids are drinking water at the right times in the right amounts?  I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

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Tyler Ringeisen

Tyler Ringeisen

Tyler Ringeisen is a Merchandising Support Analyst and occasional outside contributor to the WaterFilters.NET blog. Tyler received his Certified Water Specialist designation from the Water Quality Association in 2013.

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Ariana Watson August 10, 2014 at 11:42 pm

Thanks for sharing information; I know that children can be very careless about the drinking water. My kids even don’t don’t care about this – I am always saying them to drink more water – as it is better your health!


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