Drinking Water News You Need: Global Water Shortage Solutions, Bill Clinton Demonstrates Water Purification In Rwanda And LA Bar Serves $12 Water Flights

by admin on August 9, 2013

Water shortages worldwide mean that almost one billion lack access to clean drinking water.  “Water is going to be this century’s oil,” says Hessy Taft, narrator of video above. “We really need to do something. Business as usual cannot continue. We need to try to find solutions.” Published this week by Bytesize Science, the video above details our world’s water crisis – but more importantly – offers solutions ranging from desalination to water recycling.

Next week, we will be offering several more solutions on this blog, as we announce the winner and runners-up of this semester’s WaterFilters.NET Solution Scholarship.  Earlier this summer, we posed the following question to students worldwide: “With an increasing global population, particularly in developing countries, what would you create to help ensure all people had nearby access to clean drinking water?”

I look forward to sharing the top three answers with you early next week – and encourage you to subscribe or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to be among the first to see the remarkable answers we received.

More Water News:

Chelsea & Bill Clinton Demostrate Drinking Water Purification

Chelsea & Bill Clinton Raise Clean Water Awareness In Africa
As part of Procter and Gamble’s Commitment to Save One Life Every Hour, Chelsea and Bill Clinton demonstrated drinking water purification techniques at the Cyugaro Primary School in Rwanda.  Read more about their visit, and see more photos, in this Huffington Post story.

Pennsylvania Children Prohibited From Talking About Fracking. Forever.
A legal settlement between Chris and Stephanie Hallowich and three oil and gas companies involves a family-wide gag order prohibiting all family members from discussing fracking, or controversial practice for releasing natural gas for energy.

This gag order is particularly unusual in that it applies to the Hallowich’s two minor children.  Without coming down on either side of the fracking debate, doesn’t it seem as though any practice that leads to a lawsuit preventing children from talking about something for the rest of their lives, is just a touch shady?

Water Burnout Begins This Week In East Texas
In a move designed to clean drinking water within its distribution system, the city of Palestine, Texas will be ‘burning out’ its entire system.  While this step will result in healthier drinking water, some residents may experience a mild chlorine odor or iron coloring.  The types of water filters we offer will help to reduce some of the negative side effects of this positive initiative.

Easy-To-Carry Water Purifier Passes Test With Marines
Designed for long-term use by first responders in remote areas, a revolutionary new water purification system passed its first operational test with the Marines this week.  Read more about this water purification device, funded by the office of Naval Research, in the story above.

Does Bottled Water Cause Wrinkles?
According to experts, yes, but not for the reasons you may be thinking. Drinking water from a bottle forces you to make a ‘fish face’ as you purse your lips around the opening.  And as it turns out, if you make a face long enough, it may actually stay that way!  Fortunately, MSN shares some tips for getting in your daily dose of drinking water without resorting to fish face in the story above.

$12 Drinking Water Flights at LA’s Ray’s & Stark Bar
In Los Angeles, you can now have a water sommelier serve you artisanal bottled water that costs upwards of $20. If this sounds a bit too rich, you can always sample a flight for a mere $12.  Or, you could take the same $12 – 20 and donate it to Water Missions International, Water.org, charity: water or Thirst Relief and provides gallons of clean drinking water for someone in need.  Jess Zimmerman of Grist shares more in the story above.

Water Filtration Product Of The Week: Whole House Sediment Filters

American Plumber W-410-SDF Automatic Sediment Whole House Filter

As we move into autumn, more sediment can move its way into your drinking water, especially if your drinking water comes from a well.  At WaterFilters.NET, we offer whole house sediment water filters from brands including Pentek designed to significantly reduce fine dirt, sand, rust or other particulates from making it into your drinking water.

Of course, if you are really serious about sediment filtration, we can also special order the American Plumber W-410-SDF Automatic Sediment Whole House Filter, shown to the left. The King Kong of sediment filtration, this system will remove sediment down to 40 microns while increasing the life of your pipes and appliances.

If you are considering a whole house sediment water filter, I would highly encourage you to call our customer service department at 1-888-801-PURE so they can ensure you select the right system for your needs.

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