Drinking Water News You Need: Behind The Scenes At A Water Treatment Plant, Popes & Presidents For Clean Water, Unraveling Fluoride & Well Water Conundrums and BREAKING BAD

by admin on September 27, 2013

Even for those of us working in the clean drinking water industry, it’s rare to get a peek into the type of facility in the video above.  Shared by the Gwinnett Daily Post in Georgia, the video above takes you on a tour of the Shoal Creek Filter Plant, showing you how 75 million gallons per day is treated to become the clean drinking water that residents depend on.  Thanks to both Gwinnett and plant manager Al Sosebee for this behind the curtain look.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Infographic Breaking Bad Drinking WaterBreaking Bad Is Ending – And So Is Our Breaking Bad Sale
This Sunday marks the final episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad.  While you wait at the edge of your seat with anticipation, remember that the final episode also marks the final day of our Breaking Bad sale, offering you 8% off on any purchase of $99 or more.  Just use the coupon code BreakingBad08 when purchasing online – any time prior to the end of the final episode – airing this Sunday.

First Steps Towards Deflouridation of Drinking Water?
As debate rages on regarding the benefits of adding fluoride to our drinking water, several towns in Tennessee are taking the conversation to the next level.  In a session this week, Columbia, Tennessee officials discussed removing fluoride from drinking water – with utility experts sharing the cost, dangers and relatively little reward from this chemical.  On the other side of the debate were dental and health officials, claiming that the chemical continues to prevent tooth decay.  Learn more about this debate, which shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, in the link above.

Celebrities For Clean Water - Flash Flood For Good

Clinton’s Launch Clean Drinking Water Initiative
At an event hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative this week, Chelsea Clinton formally kicked off a 72-hour social media wave to support the Flash Flood for Good.  For 72-hours after the kick-off, celebrities ranging from Jeff Bridges to Scarlett Johansson committed to post multiple messages on their social networks encouraging followers to support and donate to clean drinking water causes.  While the social wave is coming to an end, you are still encouraged to donate to this cause at FlashFloodForGood.org.  For every $10 donated, a child in need will get clean drinking water for one year.

Pope Recognizes Importance of Clean Water
The clean drinking water cause formally gained another powerful ally this week as Pope Francis met with the Hungarian president, where the two discussed clean water as one of today’s biggest challenges.  See more of this conversation in the video linked to above.

Farmland Water Monitoring Order OK’d In California
With nitrate contamination in groundwater a pervasive issue in California’s farmlands, the state is putting into effect a new order empowering farmers to monitor and clean groundwater in California’s Central Valley.  Learn more about the impact of this order in the article above.

Grant Hopes To Improve Well Water Quality
As well water typically pulls from private sources, rather than municipally regulated reserves, maintaining well water quality can be a tricky thing.  One city in Iowa will try to simplify matters, as it has accepted a national grant from the CDC, and committed it towards improving private wells.  This is a nice contrast to a story out of Brevard County, Florida, where residents report that they are receiving little to no support from the county in helping to reduce some significant and ongoing well water issues.

Clean Drinking Water Well In NigeriaWells Bring Hope In Niger
One final story of hope this week from the Huffington Post.  In Niger, unfiltered water is both dirty and deadly.  Over 65% of residents have no access to clean drinking water, and only one in seven children make it to age five.  The organization Wells Bring Hope is seeking to change this.  “The concept is basic,” says Barbara Goldberg, president and founder.  All you need is to drill a well and educate the population on good sanitation and hygiene practices.”  Since 2008, Wells Bring Hope has helped to reduce childhood mortality in the areas it works in by 70 percent.  We congratulate Barbara and her organization, and encourage you to learn more and donate to her cause at www.wellsbringhope.org.

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Kate Cusimano September 28, 2013 at 8:20 pm

Thanks so much for sharing the story about Wells Bring Hope! As WBH’s Director of Operations, I get to work closely with our founder Barbara Goldberg, and I can tell you – she really is an inspiration! One correction to your repost though – we work exclusively in Niger, not Nigeria. Niger, Nigeria’s lesser known neighbor, is the poorest country in the world so we focus all of our efforts there. Thanks again for helping to spread the word and for everything you’re doing to educate people about the worldwide water crisis!


Mike Yanke September 29, 2013 at 7:15 am

Hi Kate -Thank you for the comment! Note that the post has been updated to indicate that your work is done in Niger, rather than Nigeria.


Henry October 4, 2013 at 4:48 pm

These are some great stories. There are many out there who still believe fluoride is beneficial for them. The natural fluoride compound is beneficial, but the sodium fluoride that is in our drinking water is a toxic byproduct which is highly poisonous, and is the main ingredient in rat poison.


Pamela Oatlle March 9, 2014 at 8:21 am

Many people worldwide need to drink more water to improve their hydration levels and overall health. The human body is composed of approximately 60% water, which makes clean drinking water vital for all people on the planet. One of the primary goals of the Year of Water Cooperation is to enable people of all nations to drink more water by increasing its accessibility worldwide through voluntary cooperation among the countries of the world.


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