Drinking Water News You Need: Emmy Rossum, Kids & Puppies Support Clean Water, A Perfect Gift For Home Brewers and A Gentle Reminder for O-Rings

by admin on September 20, 2013

Emmy_Rossum_for_charity__waterEarlier this week, we introduced you to 400 villagers in the Ethiopian villages of May Shintro and Mai Gudguad whose lives we’ve helped to save – with your help – through our donations to charity: water.  What fills us with pride is the knowledge that we’re not only not alone in our commitment  to bringing clean drinking water to the world – but we have some very influential and beautiful friends helping to lead the charge.

This Monday, Origins – a natural cosmetics division of Estee Lauder – sponsored an event designed to drive awareness to charity: water, the same charity we teamed with in Ethiopia.  In the video linked to from the image above, you’ll hear more from the event’s host, Shameless star Emmy Rossum, and 90210 actress Jessica Stroup who shares some first-hand experience from her time in Ethiopia.  Just this one time, it’s OK for you to check out a video from a celebrity gossip site – guilt free – wherever you happen to be reading this.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Water Filtration System May Change The WorldWater Filtration System May Change The World
The World Health Organization describes arsenic poisoning from contaminated water as the ‘largest mass poisoning in history.’  Which is why a new water filtration system using plants to extract arsenic from drinking water, developed by MSc student Stephen Goodwin Honan is being hailed in some circles as an idea that may forever change our world for the better.  Dezeen Magazine has more.

EPA’s Move To Clarify Clean Water Act Puts GOP Lawmaker In Tizzy
In a move praised by environmental groups, the EPA sought to clarify Clean Water Act protections that had been thrown into question by recent Supreme Court decisions.  “The proposed joint rule will provide greater consistency, certainty, and predictability nationwide by providing clarity for determining where the Clean Water Act applies and where it does not,” per two senior EPA officials.

But in a counterpoint, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) said that the “EPA’s announcement doesn’t solve anything, but merely takes another road to potentially expand its own jurisdiction through the Clean Water Act.”  The Washington Post has full coverage in the story above.

A Renewed Commitment To China’s Water Crisis
Over 100 million rural Chinese currently lack access to clean drinking water.  And studies point to more troubling issues as the future of this crisis will have almost certain global implications, if changes aren’t made.  Fortunately, Chinese officials have pledged to solve this problem by 2015 with an approach focusing on expanded water distribution, increased oversight of environmental protection and a higher level of water monitoring.  gbtimes shares more above.

Clark Loves Clean Drinking Water

Don’t Forget About Clean Drinking Water For Puppies
New Jersey 101.5 offers ten tips for ensuring your pet’s drinking water stays clean.  Read them – and think about the face to your left when you do.  Do it for Clark.

13 Year Boil Water Alert Coming To An End
Those reading in areas where boil water alerts or advisories are common know that they can range in severity from minor annoyance to pain in the you-know-where.  Pelee Island in Ontario definitely falls into that latter category, having now dealt with a boil water alert that has stretched thirteen years.  Read how this may finally be coming to an end in coverage by CBC News.

Add To Your Water Wish List:

Water - A Comprehensive Guide For Brewers

Water: A Comprehensive Guide For Brewers
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Water Filtration Product Focus of the Week: O-RingsAmerican Plumber O-Rings

How many of us flat out forget to pick up O-Rings prior to taking on a project that requires O-Rings?  The answer is a lot.  I know this because I am one of them – and because our customer service team will nearly always need to offer this gentle reminder to our phone customers.

For those of you that order online – know this.  We have O-Rings.  We have a lot of them, in fact.  They are critical – and they cost very little.  Add them to every purchase – or just stock up on O-Rings alone.

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