Drinking Water News You Need: 1,400 Mile Trek For Clean Water, Houseplants At Root of Water Filter Revolution, Water Pairs With Food & Wine at Tasting and More Water Filter Scams

by admin on October 25, 2013

1400 Mile Trek For Clean Drinking WaterIn a one year time period, many Haitian women and children will walk up to 1,400 miles for clean drinking water.  To bring attention to this crisis, Lighting the Dark CEO Allen Barker and his co-founder Hugh Mason embarked on an epic journey from their homes in Lake Worth, Florida, traveling 1,400 miles on foot in just over two months.Their trip took them through eight states where the pair experienced challenges ranging from severe weather to an angry pack of dogs.

In the must watch video linked to above, Barker and Mason are quick to point out that each of the challenges faced pale in comparison to the challenges faced by Haitians without enough clean drinking water on any given day.  Our admiration goes out to Barker and Mason and our thanks go out to WPEC in West Palm Beach for Sharing this story.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Turning Shoes Into Clean Drinking WaterTurning Shoes Into Clean Drinking Water
The pair profiled in the video above were lucky enough to receive significant support on their 1,400 mile hike for clean water – ranging from the right gear to warm hotel rooms.  But the reality for those that must make these types of hikes for clean water on a regular basis is far darker, with many not even owning the basic footwear needed to make the journey safely.  That’s where the Shoeman Water Project comes in.  In the story above, learn how this initiative both provides low cost footwear for those in need, but uses the proceeds from these sales to support drinking water wells and filtration systems.

Houseplants The Root of Water Filter Revolution
Throughout the world, more than 150 million are exposed to dangerous levels of arsenic in their drinking water.  Just one drop of this contaminant is enough to contaminate nearly a swimming pool’s worth of water.  Is it possible then, that a water filtration system built simply and affordably from houseplants, could be the solution? Stephen Goodwin Honan, 24-year-old U.S. Navy officer and Oxford University doctoral student, believes the answer is ‘yes.’

Honan has proposed a solution called Clean Water, a water filtration system made up of local ferns designed to soak the poisons out of drinking water.  For $10, residents can filter arsenic from their drinking water and actually sell it to companies that can leverage it for industrial uses.  Read more about this innovation in the article above.

Owen Sound Chef Robin Pradhan Raises Donations For Clean Drinking WaterCanadian Restaurateur Gathers Clean Water Donations For Home Country
When he was sixteen, Robin Pradhan left his native Nepal for Canada.  Eighteen years later, Pradhan has transformed himself into a successful restaurateur as owner and chef at the Rocky Raccoon Café while Nepal has become yet another land where some water is undrinkable.  In the story above, read how Pradhan is organizing clean water donation programs to provide nearly a dozen water purification systems at schools in his native country.

Acqua Panna Water Pairing

Water Takes Its Rightful Spot At Gourmet Tasting
Earlier this week, Michelin starred chef Michael White, Altamarea Group Beverage Director Hristo Zisovski and Acqua Panna teamed up on a tasting where the water received billing equal to the wine and the food.  Known as harmonizing, water, food and wine pairings like the one covered in Allie Early’s post above are quickly and rightfully becoming all the rage in culinary circles.

Boy Scouts Commit To Water Quality
As part of a five year commitment to control algae blooms and water quality in Wisconsin’s Little Lake Wisota, area Boy Scouts have been playing an active part in a long-term water monitoring effort.  Twice monthly this year through September, area youths take measurements of water clarity and temperature at different depths, before gathering water samples to be laboratory analyzed.  The Leader-Telegram in Chippewa Falls has more above.

Water Filter Scam Alerts:

Classic Water Filter Scam Hits Town In Ontario
Just yesterday, we wrote about a classic water filter scam, where the scammers will go door-to-door posing as city officials conducting water tests and pitching high cost water filtration systems.  And just as we described, this very scam reared its head earlier this week in Pembroke, Ontario.  If you are a Pembroke resident that has encountered these scammers, you are encouraged to call the non-emergency police phone number at 1-888-310-1122.

Water Filters Used In Attempted Cigarette Smuggling
Earlier this week, officials in the UK busted a cigarette smuggling ring using water filters as their cover.  “The unpaid duty on these cigarettes would have run into five figures and it is effectively stealing from the public purse and from law-abiding taxpayers,” reported Charlotte Mann, Assistant Director for Border Force at Felixstowe.

Water Filtration Product of the Week:  Media Backwash Water Filter

IRON-100DM-WF Fleck 2510sxt Iron Reduction Pyrolox Media Backwash Water FilterTaste and odor of drinking water are among the chief concerns our customer service department hears about when handling orders from new and old customers alike.  If these taste and odor issues continue to occur from every faucet, it’s very likely that the main water supply is the issue.

Believe it or not, an investment in a larger system like the media backwash water filter to the left, will be the more cost effective solution long-term.  Note that these types of larger systems are not necessary for all homes.  But if you’ve come to the point where water flavor and odor issues are significantly impacting your quality and enjoyment of life, I would encourage you to research this type of option.

If you are considering a larger water filtration system and have any questions, I would encourage you to give our customer service team a call at 1-888-801-7873 so they can help find the right products for your needs.

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Lloyd Gilliam October 31, 2013 at 12:10 pm

This is all very good info. I was alway one of those people that took clean water for granted. Now I have a very different look on clean water. Our local school district in Santa Fe Texas has contaminated our home well with E-Coli and Total Coliform. They built their new 37000 S/F Ag barn 210 feet from our front door. During construction the dug their retention pond down to the water table, then the put French drains in the cattle turn out area to direct the feces and urine into the pond. Yes it is against the law in Texas. The law states ” no one can contaminate the water table” , but they are getting away with it and have the full backing of the state of Texas


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