Drinking Water News You Need: Matt Damon Opens Up On Water.org, Continued Relief Efforts In The Philippines, Fracking Without Freshwater and Lots of Water Filter Innovations

by admin on November 22, 2013

Tuesday, November 19th was the first official World Toilet Day.  Those not ingrained in the water or water filters business daily may, as shared in this CNN article, may see this as a bit of a joke.  But in reality, a toilet represents an incredibly basic right that most of our world still lives without.  The consequence of a lack of toilets is poor sanitation, sickness – and even death – in some of the poorest parts of the world.  The cause is just as troubling – inadequate availability and distribution of clean drinking water throughout the world.

It’s this cause that actor Matt Damon is putting his considerable influence behind, most readily, by co-founding water-based charity Water.org.  In the interview above, Damon opens up about what inspired him to co-found this organization and what types of inspiring stories he sees as a result of the work his organization supports around the globe.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Food & Drinking Water Remain Critical Issues In Philippines RecoveryWater Missions International In The Philippines
In his interview above, actor and Water.org co-founder Matt Damon shares stories of the work his organization did to bring relief to stricken residents in Haiti.  What’s happening now in the Philippines is akin to recent tragedies to befall countries like Haiti in the recent past, and the struggles to bring food and clean drinking water back to residents has become a very familiar scenario. While there are several organizations bringing relief to the Philippines, the two stories we want to call out this week are true examples of ‘walking the walk.’

Water Missions International, a non-profit out of North Charleston, had staff on the ground in the Philippines two days after Typhoon Haiyan struck.  Just over a week after the storm, its water purification systems have helped serve more than 70,000 residents – with a goal of 315,000 more in the week to come.

IFAW IN The PhilippinesAlso on the ground is the IFAW (International Fund For Animal Welfare.)  Through donations on their site or through partner companies, the IFAW is helping to rescue and protect pets, companion animals and wildlife from the destruction they are also being forced to live through.

You can donate to both the IFAW or Water Missions International by visiting their websites.

Fracking Without Freshwater In Texas?
Backlash against fracking focuses primarily on one all important issue – how can we justify freshwater’s use in mining when it’s becoming so much more scarce?  Apache Corp in Texas may have come closer to solving this issue as it claims to be using 100% recycled water in its fracking efforts.  Learn more about this potential – and hopeful – game-changer above.

Algae Bloom Remains A Concern In Minnesota
An odd year of weather and low water levels have resulted in an odd sight in some Minnesota lakes – frost and ice blending with algae.  Learn more about the year of never-ending algae in our home state in the story above.  I would also encourage you to read a recent post we published on algae blooms, that includes direction for what you need to do if your children or pets find their way into this muck.

Central Park Pond Drinking WaterHow About A Tall Glass Of Central Park Pond Water?
Is there a better way to drum up funding for your water purification system than with a provocative experiment where you convince a journalist to drink pond water from Central Park?  Perhaps just one: ensure your solution works.  Fortunately, the inventors of new handheld water purification system LifeCan can stand tall behind their product.  Learn more about their inspiration, and about what filtered drinking water from Central Park tastes like, in the story above.

Harvard Student’s Business Brings Drinking Water to Uganda
SPOUTS of Water, founded by Harvard University Student Kathy Ku, is helping to bring sustainable point-of-use treatment and storage technology to the country of Uganda.  To date, Ku’s humanitarian company has raised $50,000 – with a goal of another $100,000 – as reported in this story from Water Technology.

Puralytics Water Purification In HaitiSustainable Business Oregon (SBO) Recognizes Water Purification System From Puralytics
In one of many water purification and filtration innovations to be covered this week, Beaverton, Oregon-based company Puralytics was awarded honors in the SBO Innovation Water category, and the 2013 Global Honour Award from the International Water Association, for a nanotechnology water purifier that is currently being distributed to governments and relief organizations in Africa and Haiti.

Lightweight Water Purification For The Military
Procuring a steady water supply for soldiers in the battlefield is complicated by myriad factors, ranging from weight to the resources needed to transport.  Hoping to bring a solution to this problem as old as war itself, TerraGroup Corp. in Allentown, PA will be providing the US Marines with lightweight water purification systems it can use in the most remote of areas.

This story segues perfectly into a reminder that we offer all veterans, current members of the military or representatives of veteran and military families 10% off any water filters order.  To receive this discount, simply use the coupon code ‘veteran’ at checkout.

Shower Filtration Could Cut Water Usage 90%Closed Loop Shower Water Filtration System
Sci-fi blog Giant Freakin Robot brings us exciting science fact this week as it reports on Orbital Systems, a company that has developed closed-loop shower filtration technology that could help cut water usage by 90% and energy usage by 80%.  Learn more about this exciting innovation above – and while you’re waiting for this to roll-out to the masses – check out the affordable shower filter options we are proud to offer.

Water Filter Scam Alert:

Environmental Quality Assurance Scams Residents of Fort Myers
Targeting elderly and other vulnerable residents in the Fort Myers area, a company calling itself Environmental Quality Assurance is being accused of misleading and high-pressure water filter sales tactics.  Using the old stand-by of bogus water testing, this F-rated company (per the BBB) is convincing residents their water is unfit for consumption before selling them on unnecessary, overpriced filtration systems.

If you are a resident in the area concerned about your drinking water, kick these scammers to the curb and review the City of Fort Myers water quality report at cityftmyers.com/waterquality instead.

Water Filtration Product of the Week:  Emergency Preparedness Water Filters

Seychelle Pure Water Straw With FilterWhile many think of these products as purely for camping or for disaster recovery, the truth is far more mundane.  Bottom-line, emergency preparedness is a recommendation made to residents by most local, city and state governments – and the emergency preparedness water filters we offer – most under $30 (including the Seychelle Pure Water Straw to the left) – are affordable ways that you can ensure you are prepared for the worst, while you hope for the best.  Not to mention, any of these products would make for great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!

If you have more questions about the emergency water filters we offer, I encourage you to reach out to our customer service department at 1-888-801-7873 so they can help find the right products for your needs.

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