Drinking Water News You Need: Climate Change Impacts Great Lakes, Drinkable Book Brings Relief, California Farm Battles Drought With Reverse Osmosis and GE Is Your Water Company of the Year

by admin on May 2, 2014

Only one percent of the world’s water is safe to drink.  As our climate changes, unfortunately, this could represent a peak.

In the video above, Rachel Schoutsen from The Weather Network hears from Ryan Ness, Senior Manager of Research and Development with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.  Ness shares more on how climate change can hit our Great Lakes especially hard, leading to rising temperatures, stronger storms – and declining water levels.

In the corresponding article, Ness also shares what we can do to help reverse this trend, from Ness trapping water in raingardens or rain barrels or shifting to more environmentally friendly landscaping methods.

Learn the latest on this issue in the brief video above and in the corresponding article published by The Weather Network.

[To learn more about raingardens, and how to create one in your own yard, visit Minnesota-based Metro Blooms.]

In Other Drinking Water News:

Drinkable Manual - Water Is LifeDrinkable Book Can Help Save Lives
We’ve seen and shared several great ideas for helping to bring clean drinking water to those in need, but this newest one is particularly interesting.  Fast Company shares the story of the Drinkable Manual, created by Water is Life, DDB New York, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Virginia using state of the art filtration paper.  Readers simply tear out pages, place in the accompanying water box (similar to a coffee filter), and pour water through.  The filter paper will reduce 99.99% of bacteria for up to four years of usage.  Check out the full story above and learn more about how you can help get this book to those that need it most by visiting Water is Life.

Portable Water Filtration Technology From Water-GenWater Generator Pulls Water From The Air, Hydrating Those Battling Wars or Battling Just to Survive
CNN and Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta report on Water-Gen, an Israeli company that has developed a portable atmospheric water generation unit that chills air and condenses water, or in other words, pulls drinking water from thin air.  The article above shares more about the potential of this technology, which can be used by military units that need to carry portably water filtration technology into the battlefield, disaster relief workers and residents of the world living through unprecedented water shortages.  Learn more about this technology in the story above.

Pollution Part of China Water CrisisUp To 60% of Underground Water In China Too Polluted To Drink
Adding to a China water crisis that carries implications for the entire world,  the country’s Ministry of Land and Resources reports that 57.4% of its underground water is of ‘relatively’ or ‘very’ poor quality, making it unfit for human consumption.  Per the article above, “Deterioration of drinking water quality [in China] is still one of the country’s major problems. The pollution is caused by an increasing population and rapid economic growth as well as lax environmental oversight.”  Learn more about this troubling issue above and more background on the China water crisis in our recent post here.

California Farm Battles Back Against Drought Using Reverse Osmosis
Facing record droughts and zero water allocations, Fabri Ag Services in California’s San Joaquim Valley is using reverse osmosis technology to filter brackish water from one of the state’s largest aquifers.  Jeff Fabbri, CEO of Fabbri Ag Services, states that due in part to this technology, they are now able to “maximize water use efficiency and consume less energy than with any other system they’ve seen” and that “desalting the aquifer represents a sustainability plan that will allow for diversified water sources in years when supply is low.”

Congratulations to GE – Water Company of the Year
Our congratulations go out to GE, who was recognized as Water Company of the Year this week at the annual Global Water Awards.  In recognizing GE, the awards programs stated, “GE Water has consistently placed itself at the cutting edge of innovation right across its portfolio. No one else proved so adept at turning challenges of the water-energy nexus into opportunities for corporate water users, utilities and the environment.”  [See our selection of GE water filters here.]

Rumors Salon - Catwalk For Clean WaterEco-Friendly Fashion Show Supports Clean Water
In Indianapolis this past week, the Hoosier Environmental Council and Aveda hosted the second annual Catwalk for Clean Water, designed to raise support and awareness for the state’s clean water efforts.  Our congratulations go out to Rumors Salon & Spa in Avon for winning Best Collection for the second year in a row.  See more photos from the event in the story above.

Sandy Springs Students Support Water Relief In Philippines

Georgia High School Students Raise $5600 To Send Water Purification Units to Philippines
A group of five high school students from Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Sandy Springs, GA stepped up and answered the call for clean drinking water relief this week.  As part of their school’s Transdisciplinary Capstone Project Expo, the five students (pictured) raised more than $5,600 to fund an effort to send life straw water filters to 300 in the Philippines still in need of clean drinking water after Typhoon Haiyan.  Melanie Lane, second from the left, said about the project “I learned that even in high school you could make a difference.  I’m ultimately helping over 50 families. If I can do something like this in high school, there will be so many more opportunities when I grow up.”   Our admiration and gratitude goes out to each of these future leaders.

Filtration Product of the Week: Air Filters

3M Filtrete Allergen Reduction Air FiltersWe are now at the end of Air Quality Awareness Week, an occasion we marked earlier this week with a post sharing the impact that air pollution can have on drinking water.

While most know us as a provider of water filters and filtration technology, we are proud to offer far more on our site that can help ensure you manage a healthy home.  And furnace or air conditioner air filters from 3M Filtrete are just one such product.

To mark the end of Air Quality Awareness Week, our advice is to read yesterday’s post to learn what more you can do to help reduce your own personal impact on air pollution, and about the organizations to which you can pledge your support to help control this issue globally.  And, of course, it also can’t hurt to ensure you have the air filters on hand that you need to control the air quality in your own home!

If you need help finding the right air filter for your furnace, please call our customer service department at 1-888-801-PURE (7873).

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