Drinking Water News You Need: See Newly Developed Solar Water Boiler & Water Quality Smartphone App, Learn Why Bottled Water Demand Is Decreasing & Meet More Of Those Bringing Clean Water Relief to the World

by admin on May 12, 2014

If you can decontaminate drinking water, you have the power to end human suffering on a global scale.  This is the inspired realization that flashed  before Ken Puzey, a Vermont engineer, after a recent humanitarian mission to Haiti.

Seeing the horrible level of suffering that results from waterborne parasites inspired Puzey to create a simple yet remarkable UV disinfection system which you can see in the video above.  Using a vacuum tube and reflector, Puzey was able to create a solar water boiler that has within its makeup the power to both save and better the lives of millions across the world.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Alison Bick Develops Water Quality Smartphone AppPrinceton Student Patents Water Quality Smartphone App
In 2007, Alison Bick of Short Hills, New Jersey (pictured) developed a smartphone app that could quickly and accurately test for levels of water contamination.  In 2011, this app helped her become a finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search.  Now a junior at Princeton, Bick has patented this app, which has the very real potential to solve global issues related to water quality and contamination.  Read Bick’s story, and learn more about how her app works, in the story above.

Demand for Bottled Water Shrinking Rapidly
We’ve discussed bottled water’s inordinate price point on this blog, especially when you measure it out by the gallon.  (Hint: It costs more than gasoline.)  Add to that the resulting plastic pollution, and bottled water becomes more of – as Cookie Monster may say – a ‘sometimes snack.’  And based on the latest sales data, it seems as though many consumers are finally in agreement.  In writing to The Huffington Post, environmental attorney Lisa Kaas Boyle discusses the sharp downward trend in the bottled water industry, which includes a 3.3% decline in the US and a shocking 69% decrease in profits for bottled behemoth Evian.  See what else is driving this downturn, and reactions from those within the bottled water industry, in Boyle’s story above.

Los Angeles Drinking Water Quality Set To Improve With Move Away From Chlorine
Molly Peterson of Southern California Public Radio reports on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (DWP) move away from chlorine to chloramine in its drinking water disinfection process.  Chlorine, as Peterson goes on to report, has recently fallen out of favor with many on account of the toxic byproducts it can impart.  That said, chlorine levels are well within safety levels in every part of the country in which it is used.  So what will LA water customers notice when this change is complete?  In the words of Marty Adams, DWP’s Director of Water Operations, “Customers should notice nothing except an improvement in taste.”

If you are experiencing issues with chlorine taste and odor in your water, see the selection of water filters we offer at our online store, or call our customer service team at 1-888-801-PURE.

Project Hope Brings Water Filtration Equipment to Amazon114 Water Filtration System Delivered To Those In Need Living Along Amazon River
Our thanks go out to the dozen Napa Valley residents that make up Project Hope, pictured, for raising the funds necessary to deliver water filtration systems to hundreds in need, living in villages along the Amazon River.  For these villagers, the water filtration systems provided will offer a thankful respite from water so infected with bacteria and parasites that consuming it leads to constant sickness.  See more about this story, including more photos, in the story above.

Sharon Day Leads Ohio River Nibi WalkOhio Women Walk 1,000 Miles To Support Clean Water
Motivated in part by the environmental damage caused by fracking and the pollution suffered by the Ohio River (ie the most polluted waterway in the country) a group of Ohio women are currently taking part in the Ohio River Nibi Walk, reports Next City.  This walk, which will stretch 981 miles, is a spiritual journey for those taking part, including leader Sharon Day (pictured.)  In Day’s words, this walk is about using the power of love to bring attention to, and try to reverse, the issues plaguing the water source depended on by up to three million residents along its banks.  Read more about this journey above.

Teens Study Impact of FrackingTeens Study The Impact of Fracking
The Centre Daily Times out of Pennsylvania reports on the Teen Shale Network, a group that is helping local Earth Science students to learn more about the impact of fracking in their area.  The group is guiding these students as they take water quality readings at Black Moshannon State Park to determine the impact, if any, of fracking efforts in the nearby area.  Get a closer look at what these students are finding and learning above.

Drinking Water Week Tips:

Celebrate Drinking Water Week All Year Long With These Tips
Last week was Drinking Water Week, a time when water professionals build closer relationships with the communities they serve and when all of us remember the importance of clean drinking water.  While great to recognize the importance of clean drinking water during this time, the spirit of Drinking Water Week should be with all of us, all year long.  In fact, Brazos River Authority, out of Texas, is helping to make this easier with the water quality and conservation tips in the article above.  Check it out and do what you can throughout the year to support clean drinking water!

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