Drinking Water News You Need: The Daily Show Takes on Fracking, Underwater Shots of Keira Knightley, A 12-Year Old Uses Legos To Bring Clean Water To Africa, and Well Water Contamination Warnings in Wisconsin

by admin on March 28, 2014

“Because the average person doesn’t understand fracking, environmentalists are able to put ideas into people’s heads,” says Marita Noon, Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great, Inc.

In the video above, The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi adds some much needed comic relief to the controversial subject of fracking.  Fracking, for those unaware, is the process of blasting water into the ground in order to extract oil or natural gas.  Those environmentalists that oppose fracking report instances of both health and environmental issues resulting from water contamination in the areas where fracking is happening.

Of course, it’s not just environmentalists making this claim.  Mandvi speaks to a group of Bradford County, Pennsylvania residents that cite rashes, nosebleeds and sleep disruptions as just a few of the side effects of fracking they’re dealing with every day.  And while it’s not cited here, there is also the issue of flaming taps, seen in this video, that have occurred so frequently they’ve almost become cliché.

In perhaps the most compelling counterpoint to Noon’s statement that the average person doesn’t understand fracking, one Bradford resident in the video above simply states, “We want our water back. Period.”

In Other Drinking Water News:

Supreme Court Rejects Hearing Mining Industry Case Against the EPA
This week, our highest court made a landmark decision in favor of clean water by refusing to hear a case brought forward by the mining industry against the Environmental Protection Agency.  The mining industry was seeking to reverse a lower court’s decision that confirmed the EPA has full authority to do what’s necessary to protect clean water –like vetoing mining permits.  Read reactions to this decision in the article shared above.

Keira Knightley For fresh2ofresh2o Launches Green Crowdfunding Campaign
Founded by fashion photographer, Candice, fresh2o’s mission is to ‘improve health and prevent death by enabling the provision of clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes globally.’  Late last week, this organization, which has the backing of such celebrities as Keira Knightley, Lily Cole and Janet Jackson, launched a new crowdfunding campaign, detailed in the story above.  Through its newly launched campaign, fresh2o is seeking funds to help support the building of wells and the distribution of water filtration equipment to parts of the world where clean water is needed most.

Behind The Scenes - Keira Knightley For fresh2oIn addition to supporting fresh2o through its crowdfunding campaign, you can support the efforts of this organization by purchasing celebrity prints, shot underwater by Candice.  One such print is the spectacular image of Knightley, above, coupled with a behind the scenes photo, which may be just as impressive.

If you are able, we highly encourage you to support fresh2o by visiting their site and making a donation or purchase today.

Lego4Africa12-Year Old Lego Lover Helps Bring Clean Water To Africa
Nathaniel Crossley is a 12-year old, who like many his age, loves Legos.  Unlike many other 12-year olds, Nathaniel is also a seasoned clean water warrior, who in 2012 partnered with the African Well Fund to raise over $9,000 to help build wells in Tanzania.  Last year, he took his mission one step further by launching Lego4Africa, where he raised enough funds to send himself to Africa so he could see first-hand the good that his efforts have helped to achieve.  Learn more from Nathaniel himself (he’s a writer, too!) in his post above, published by The Huffington Post.

Don’t Drink Yellow Well Water If You Live In Wisconsin
The Wisconsin DNR is warning residents that use private wells of an increased risk of water contamination, resulting in part from the runoff caused by record snowfalls.  Long story short – if it’s yellow, don’t let it mellow and don’t drink it down.  You also may want to check out some of our recent posts, sharing tips for keeping your cabin or well water drinkable and for determining when it’s time to change your well water filter.

Painted Rain Barrel Exhibit In Cleveland, OhCleveland Museum’s Rain Barrel Exhibit Drives Clean Water Awareness
Through this weekend, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History will be exhibiting the Painted Rain Barrel Exhibit, which you can learn more about in the story above.  The exhibit was conceived by local Ohio artist Linda Zolten Wood in 2011, when she transformed a rain barrel she received from a youth opportunities program from an algae-attracting eyesore to an inspired piece of outdoor art.

While the art speaks for itself, there is a deeper environmental issue being communicated through Zolten Wood’s work.  As she explains, Cleveland’s surface stormwater runoff – easily captured by rain barrels – can carry lawn chemicals, animal waste and other health hazards into sewers and eventually to Lake Erie, one of the largest freshwater sources in the world. “This slurry,” says Zolten Wood, “along with excess industrial farm fertilizers, are causing toxic algae blooms, dead zones and endangering the health of our lake.”

If you live in the Cleveland, Ohio area, we hope you are able to make it out to this exhibit – and if you do – please feel free to share photos in a comment below!

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Pro Products Potassium PermanganateThere are certain times of the year where your water will be just a little more funky than usual, regardless of what types of filters you have in place.  In snowier climates like the East or Midwest, snow runoff will carry all sorts of organic material into wells or municipal water supplies; while in warmer climates, natural build-up of impurities can start to make water quality issues rear their ugly heads.

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