Drinking Water News You Need: World Water Day ’14 Kicks Off, Reverse Osmosis Leads to 33% Reduction In Energy Costs and Indiana High Schoolers Team With The Thirst Project To Bring Clean Water To Millions

by admin on March 21, 2014

Tomorrow marks another World Water Day, a day of action by world leaders and the general public on behalf of the millions throughout the world without clean drinking water.

Established in 1993, World Water Day initiatives have exploded in the past several years, supported and amplified in large part by social media.  [In fact, if you visit our Facebook page tomorrow, you’ll see an exclusive one-day World Water Day online event that you won’t want to miss.]

One of our favorite World Water Day campaigns this year is 100K for World Water Day, which comes via Waves for Water and Hurley surfwear.  This bold initiative will strive to install 1,000 water filters over a 24-hour period, or, enough water filters to hydrate 100,000 in need.  We first reported on this plan in early February and are happy to support it again by sharing the video above, providing a brief but powerful overview of tomorrow’s event.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Reverse Osmosis Plants Reduce Energy Consumption 33%
One of the themes of this year’s World Water Day is the inter-linkage between water and energy, and of course, solutions for reducing the amount of energy needed to produce clean drinking water for the world.  That’s what makes this story from The Independent so exciting.  Per the article above, reverse osmosis water filtration plants in the country of Malta have helped to reduce the electricity consumption needed for water production by 33%.  This is already a huge win that is sure to grow even larger as this technology continues to roll-out and improve.  Read more above.

MCHM Detected More Than 30 Miles East of Charleston
Earlier this year, we were happy to support our customers in the Charleston, West Virginia area living through an unprecedented chemical spill.  Unfortunately, this region appears to be in need of even more help as the chemical MCHM has now been detected in Ona, West Virginia more than 30 miles east.  Perhaps one of the few silver linings to come from this story is that a water contamination incident this tragic will surely bring about the regulatory changes needed to ensure this never happens in our lifetime again.

Water Well Wishes Brings Relief to the PhilippinesWater Well Wishes Continues To Bring Relief to the Philippines
In early March, we shared the story of Brittney Lanosga, an Iowa college student of Filipino descent that founded Water Well Wishes, in order to bring clean drinking water relief to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan.  This week, Matt Turer was kind enough to share a follow-up to our story about Brittney and Water Well Wishes by posting the article above to our Facebook page.  We thank Matt for sharing this story, and of course, continue to thank Brittney for all of her efforts.

Clean Water Rule Praised in Iowa
This week, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) are hailing a clean water rule adopted by the state’s Department of Natural Resources.  The rule would be designed to ensure that factory farms in the state, a source of preventable water pollution, play by a stricter set of rules designed to protect the future of both farms and water resources within the state.

Indiana High School Students Support Clean WaterIndiana High School Students Support Clean Drinking Water
High school students in Carmel, Indiana are doing their part to ensure the millions throughout the world without clean drinking water find relief.  In the story above, learn more about a groups of students that have partnered with water charity The Thirst Project to host a World Water Day fundraiser tomorrow night.  Learn more details about this fundraiser in the story above and more about the mission of The Thirst Project by visiting their website.

WaterFilters.NET In The News:

Water TechnologyWater Technology Shares More On Our West Virginia Relief Efforts
Earlier this month, Water Technology shared a round-up of breaking news stories related to the West Virginia chemical spill.  Within this round-up, you’ll see more about our efforts to bring relief by sending a free refrigerator water filter to each of our customers that was impacted.  See more about our outreach, and other stories surrounding this event, in the round-up above.

NetsuiteHow NetSuite Helped Our Company Excel
This week, we were happy to contribute our story to a case study published by one of our technology partners, NetSuite.  The rapid growth our company has experienced is exciting, but without a great partner like NetSuite, could be downright terrifying.  Learn more about how a good partner was critical to our success, and critical to our ability to serve customers like you, in the case study above.

Water Filtration Product of the Week:  Iron Water Filters & Treatment Products

Pentek Iron Reduction Whole House Water FilterYesterday, a story from the Minneapolis Star Tribune described how residents in Minnetrista, MN are dealing with an orange-ish tinge pouring from their taps.  The culprit?  Heavy amounts of iron that are being stirred up by the city’s attempts to flush its water systems.

While the water in Minnetrista has not been shown to have a dangerous level of iron content, iron can impact more than just water safety, as it can noticeably change taste, leave rust spots or corrode appliances – and even make it impossible to clean your whites!

If heavy amounts of iron present issues with the water in your home, fortunately, we are happy to offer several iron filters and treatment solutions on our site, from the iron reduction whole house system by Pentek above to Potassium Permanganate which can be added to treatment systems.  Of course, for smaller amounts of iron, our affordably priced inline filters – or even some shower filters – may be enough to solve your issues.

If you are looking for a water filtration or treatment solution to handle iron issues in your water, I would encourage you to call our customer service department at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

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Carol March 25, 2014 at 2:34 pm

There are quite a few organizations working towards trying to bring clean water to the people who aren’t fortunate enough to have access to clean water, and by trying to give out 1,000 water filters, this is going to help a lot of people. But I like the idea of being able to create their own water filters, mainly made of ceramic, but at least this will give them some independence.


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