Drinking Water News You Need: Water Quality Issues Abound In West Virginia, Texas, Florida & Oregon While Water Shortage Relief In Sight For 14 African Countries

by admin on June 3, 2014

So what exactly happened in Portland?

Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, E. Coli was found in samples taken of the area’s drinking water supply, leading to a boil water alert for over 650,000 residents.

While the water has long since been declared safe to drink, no cause has been found or announced as of yet that would explain how this dangerous bacteria infiltrated the city’s drinking water in the first place.  The story above, from KATU in the Portland area, shares more about what happened and the latest on the search for the cause of this water contamination incident.

If you are a reader in the Portland, Oregon area, please note that the CDC recommends replacing all water filters at the conclusion of any boil water alert.  If you need to replace your filters, please visit our site to find the products you need, or call our customer service team at: 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

In Other Drinking Water News:

Cleaning Water Filters At West Virginia American Water CoDrinking Water Quality Issues Continue In West Virginia
In January of this year, thousands of gallons of MCHM – a chemical used to separate coal from rock – leaked into the drinking water supply in Charleston, West Virginia.  While the water has been declared safe to drink, some aren’t so sure.  In this story from The Register Herald, it’s revealed that 60% of those surveyed still have concerns over the safety of their water, while over half are still not drinking it.

This second story from the area, meanwhile, shares more about the latest steps being taken by West Virginia American Water Co. to help eliminate this issue once and for all.  In a story by the West Virginia Gazette, representatives share that changing the filters in the company’s Elk River water treatment and distribution plant is predicted to bring the level of MCHM in the water supply – finally – down to zero.

Overall, the water contamination experienced by those in West Virginia qualifies as nothing less than a tragedy, and one that we will continue to provide updates on as necessary.

Well Water Guidelines From NGWA Available To Homeowners
For numerous homeowners, maintaining the quality and safety of well water can represent a significant challenge.  Fortunately, the story above, published by The Prairie Star in Ohio, offers a link to the latest well water guidelines, published by the National Groundwater Association (NGWA) at WellOwner.org.  To offer a minor spoiler, one of the first recommendations from the NGWA to well water owners is to test annually for bacteria, nitrates, or any other contaminants of local concern.  If you are a well water user, we highly encourage you to visit the site above, and invite you to review the selection of drinking water test kits available on our site.

Water Supply At Risk in Florida & Texas
Throughout the world, nearly a billion people lack access to clean drinking water.  And residents of the United States are not immune, especially as we look into the near future.  In this editorial by the Miami Herald, the publication’s staff shares more on the bittersweet victory of a recent waterworks bill that authorizes $800 million to make improvements in the Everglades, but neglects to include a critical portion of the area.

Meanwhile, in Texas, 32 public water suppliers are indicating that they could run out of drinking water within the next 90 days if record drought conditions continue.  The Killeen Daily Herald shares more on this troubling scenario and what is being done to help address the issue.

WaterAid #AfricaWaterMapCould Drinking Water Shortage End In Africa?
The question above is not rhetorical.  A new map published by water relief organization WaterAid (pictured) shows fourteen African governments are within reach of being able to provide clean drinking water for all of their residents by 2030.  While still a long way off, this represents historic progress towards a massive goal that all residents of our planet should be working towards.

Coalition Demands Tougher Clean Water Rules For Iowa Commercial Farming Operations
In May, members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI), the Iowa Sierra Club and the Environmental Integrity Project submitted comments co-signed by 23 other groups demanding that the state’s DNR strengthen clean water rules for commercial livestock operations.  The goal of each group is to ensure that the state’s commercial farming operations are able to operate effectively in an environment where rules and guidelines protecting clean water are strictly enforced.  Learn more in the story above.

Border Collies Help Keep Beaches CleanDogs Help Keep Beaches Along Great Lakes Clean
Clean beaches are not, as the Bangor Daily News reports, often associated with dogs.  But new research may put that idea to rest.  In the story above, we learn more about a special ability of the Border Collie to chase a surging gull population off the shores of the Great Lakes.  In doing so, these dogs can help to limit the amount of droppings these gulls leave behind, significantly lowering the risk of E. Coli exposure faced by beachgoers.  Learn more about the experiments that led to this discovery above.

Water Filtration Product of the Week: Countertop Water Filtration Systems

ACW-UC-WF Tier1 Countertop Water Filter SystemCountertop water filtration systems, more than nearly any other type of filtration product we offer, serve a definite dual purpose.

The first, of course, is helping to improve the taste and overall quality of your drinking water.  Once installed, you will definitely notice a difference, whether you decide on more advanced models such as a carbon water treatment system from Amway or a more affordable option, like the Tier1 model pictured.

Secondly, systems such as those offered by Doulton, are equipped with ceramic water filters that help to reduce up to 99% of bacteria, making them ideal for use in any area that suffers from more frequent water quality issues or boil water alerts.

If you are considering a countertop water filtration system, to improve either the taste of your drinking water, or to ensure you are prepared for the next water quality emergency, I encourage you to browse our selection online – found here – and to call our customer service team at 1-888-801-PURE (7873) with any questions.

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