Drinking Water News You Need: Fluoride Battles Continue To Rage, Minnesota Groundwater Tests Positive For Chemicals, Southern California Water Poses No Danger & New Mexico Students Earn Thousands For Clean Water

by admin on July 6, 2014

Fluoride battles are continuing throughout the country.  The most recent example is featured in the video above, from KOIN 6 in Portland.  Kalama, Washington mayor (and former city water manager) Pete Poulsen is pushing for a ban on the chemical he describes as toxic, while others, including the area’s former Director of Health & Human Services, are not convinced that current fluoride levels pose any risk.

It should be noted that fluoride is a mineral naturally occurring in water, and in the small doses added to municipal water supplies, it is a safe addition that can have a positive impact in helping to prevent tooth decay.  Those against fluoridation, however, share that risk of exposure to higher than safe levels negate these potential benefits, especially as beneficial fluoride will enter our bodies in several alternate ways, including as part of the food we eat.

For now, Kalama voters will have the final word on whether fluoridation in the area will be a continuing practice.  In the meantime, we invite those readers with thoughts on this issue to share via a comment below.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Pharmaceuticals In Drinking WaterChemical Contamination Increasing In Minnesota Groundwater
A recent survey conducted in cooperation with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency reports that measureable levels of antibiotics, detergents or more chemicals of concern are increasing in Minnesota groundwater.  While levels are currently low, this is still distressing news that hits close to home, as it’s happening in our very own backyard.  Read more about these findings, including details on just what’s being found and what efforts need to be made to curtail this issue, in the coverage above.

Wisconsin WaterClean Water Act Expansion Protested By Wisconsin Farm Bureau
Stating that a proposed expansion to the Clean Water Act would allow an unfair and unnecessary level of control over private farmland, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation Governmental relations director Karen Gefvert is asking the EPA to kindly ‘back off,’ per the story above.  Gelvert cites the Supreme Court which has ruled twice against the expansion of this act in saying, “We would like those two Supreme Court cases to continue to cover what the EPA currently covers and not expand their jurisdictional capacity.”

Southern California Drinking Water Taste & Odor Issues Result of Algae Growth, Pose No Health Threat
Despite being forced to deal with earthy tasting and musty smelling drinking water, residents in three Southern California counties are under no health threat, according to the area’s Metropolitan Water District.  Officials state that algae growth in Silverwood Lake is the culprit of this annoying, yet overall innocuous issue.  For those in the Southern California area sensitive to taste and odor issues in their water, we invite you to visit our online store to find a number of water filters and filtration products specifically designed to address drinking water taste and odor issues.  You may also call our customer service team for help at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

President Obama Signs Bipartisan Algae Bloom Bill
In another sign that clean water issues can sometimes bring out the bipartisanship in even the tensest of political environments, President Obama this week signed into law a bill to research and control algae blooms, brought by Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman.  The bill, formally known as the Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Amendments Act of 2014, authorizes 20.5 million per year for five years to fight harmful algae blooms in the Great Lakes area.  For more on the dangers that algae blooms can pose, and what you should do if a child or a pet wanders their way into algae infested waters, I encourage you to read this recent post.

Used Refrigerator Pulls Clean Drinking Water From AirDrinking Water Drawn From The Air By Old Refrigerator
Nottingham Trent University professor Dr. Amin Al-Habaibeh and his student Joseph Wild have developed a machine designed to pull drinking water from the air in humid areas, using an old refrigerator as its main component.  See this machine for yourself in the image to the left, and read the story above published by Technabob to learn more about how it works.

New Mexico Students Earn Thousands For Clean WaterNew Mexico Students Earn Thousands For Clean Water
Ninth graders from Taos High School in New Mexico were awarded $25,000 for creating inexpensive filters designed to remove antibiotics from drinking water.  The water filters, made from crushed blue crab shells, cost less than $4 each to create and were impressive enough to earn this group top prize from the army sponsored eCYBERMISSION competition.

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Hal I. July 19, 2014 at 7:44 pm

Mass Fluoridation should never be used. Allow individuals to fluoridate their water/toothpaste etc. if they so desire. Fluoride is a poison and can harm some people even in small doses. Studies have proven this from the very start of usage but ignored by municipalities. If you add up all the fluoride people consume thru all the products that use it we consume much more than even what the government say’s is a safe dosage.


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